#24 back to square one

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One month later

Savanna's POV

"And this is a PS4", I heard Kylian's voice as I did my hair in the mirror in the bathroom. "And this is fifa, the game what you play on the PS4 which we can play but your a bit too young yet".

Frowning, I walked out into the living room to see him talking to the baby who was just sat with a dumbfounded look on his face as I leant on the door frame with my arms folded just observing his weird ways. Oh you poor thing. Kylian was literally...talking to a one week old baby...about video games. What the fuck. "And this is NBA, we also like this game, we will have to play that together too".

"I hate to break this to you, but you might be waiting a while before you play games together", I laughed as he turned to me.

He smirked. "Might aswell start him early", he laughed standing up. "So I was thinking of taking him to the centre to show him off, wanna come?".

I looked away awkwardly. Fuck. "Uh no, you go it's fine".

"You don't want to come?", he asked, his big eyes looking at me. God this was going to sound so damn awkward.

"I do but I already made plans, you take him you will be fine".

He folded his arms which told me he wasn't going to let this go. "Where are you going?".


"Who with?", he frowned. "What could be more important than wanting to show off your baby?".

Looking down, I messed with my fingers. "I'm going out with Ruben".

Not daring to look at him, I waited for an outburst of anger but when he just nodded softly, I was now the one frowning. "Okay".


"Okay", he nodded. "I'll take him on my own".

"Wait", I said a little confused. "You don't want me there?".

"I mean, I do but you just said you are going out with Ruben", he said. Well hello new Kylian.

"Yeah but, but...why are you not bothered about it? I honestly thought you would try harder to get me to come with you", I shrugged not really caring if I sounded like an idiot in front of him anymore.

He chuckled before stopping and staring at me. "Just like you respected me when I was in a relationship with someone else, I am going to respect you now your in a relationship with someone else".

"But...", I pouted out my lip as he sat next to the baby on the sofa in front of the tv before picking him up and placing him on his legs. "I want to come".

"So come then?", he laughed.

"No I'm going out!", I said a little more confused.

"So don't come". Jesus this BOY.

Glaring at him, I stood in front of the tv blocking his view as I folded my arms making him laugh. "You need to hurry up I'm leaving soon so make your mind up".

Shit. Do I go out with a boy that I really like or do I go with my ex to show off my baby to his friends.

"Fine!", I yelled as he looked at the baby staring up at him.

"Women", he said shaking his head as he stroked the baby's head. Honestly he was like a mini Kylian. It was the cutest ducking thing ever. And I just loved seeing him hold him because his hands were so damn big and the baby was so damn small. Cutie.

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