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It was now a good week later and now Maya was properly settled into Texas but she was still weary of Farkle since he wasn't totally happy with the circumstances that she was finding herself in.
She and Riley has started to hang out but that also automatically meant she was hanging out a lot more with Josh.
Of course she had never met Cory or Auggie but she was curious to get to know the people.

"Good afternoon, Maya. Your nephew is at home," Josh said.
"Well my nephew can go fly. Farkle is giving me a hard time and now I have to go see Uncle Stuart as well," Maya said.
"Let me go drop you off," Josh said opening the truck for Maya to get inside.


"My goodness. I can not bemkeve this is the same baby girl who I had in my arms not too long ago. Look how you've grown," Stuart said and Maya smiled.
"Nice seeing you too, Uncle Stuart. Hi, Aunt Jennifer," Maya said.
"Welcome to Texas. Farkle told us you arrived last week. How are your parents handling the kids?" Jennifer asked.
"We are doing quite good thanks. I think Sebastian is coming along very well now. And Grace is so excited for her new room she can barely stop yelling. But we are coping very good. Where are the girls?" Maya asked.
"Not here. Jenny is actually currently busy moving into her college dorm in Austin and Stacy is busy with some boy drama so she headed off to LA for the summer. But tell us about you instead. You grew so much from the little girl we saw long ago," Jennifer said.
"Yeah, she did," Farkle said and Maya looked at her nephew.

"What's your problem, Farkle? You're acting very strange," Maya said.
"Last time I saw you, you barely had any interest in any people now I saw Josh Matthews dropping you off. What's going on between the two of you?" Farkle asked and Maya looked at him.
"Me and Josh? Are you crazy? We barely know each other," Maya said.
"Maybe," Farkle said and Maya exhales.

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