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A/N: my friend helped me with this oneshot again, credit to them for the idea.

- - - - -

Finals were coming up, making everyone stressed. Fortunately, Yashiro had Aoi and Kou as emotional support and 'teachers' during the study week. But others weren't as lucky.

Yashiro couldn't help but notice that Amane was showing up late at school, with bags under his eyes and a stressed aura surrounding him. Of course, as her classmate and friend, it made her worried- to the point she couldn't stop thinking about him (but to be honest she did that quite often).

While doing some homework, an idea popped into her mind, why not give him something? It could cheer him up at least a little bit.

Yashiro flipped the page of her notebook and wrote ideas of what to give Yugi, settling with granola bars since they were small, easy to find and cheap.

She sighed, determined to make her friend feel better.

When the next morning came in she got ready to school as she normally did, only this time she slipped in her bag a granola bar with a note stuck on it.

She rushed more than she usually did because she wanted to be there before Amane got to school, Nene didn't want to give it to him in person because it included a love letter (that was signed anonymously) and it also would make her really embarrassed.

When arriving at school she made sure not so many people were watching her and she put the granola bar on the table along with the letter.

A few minutes after the bell rang Amane arrived, with even darker bags under his eyes. His eyes drifted to the food on his table, grabbing it to put it in his backpack and then opening the letter:

'I hope you feel better soon, I love you!' with a silly drawing of a daikon holding a heart.

- - - - -

And that's how it started.

Every day, Amane got a letter along with a snack. Sometimes it was a donut, or a different flavor of granola bar from the usual, but it always had a letter. He wanted really badly to know who was sending them, he tried asking his friends but they had no idea.

This morning, Yashiro left the bar as usual but Aoi caught her doing it accidentally. She heard her laugh behind her, "I see, so you're the one sending Yugi-kun love letters~"

Her face flared up red "T-They're not love letters! Just motivational messages."

Even though she had protested, Aoi didn't seem convinced "Are you sure? One literally said that you loved him-" She shushed her.

"M-Maybe I do like him a little bit- but that doesn't mean I have a chance with him! He probably likes someone else." She bit the inside of her mouth.

Aoi hummed, "I'm sure he does like you though." The bell rang, indicating the girls to sit down.

As usual, Yugi came in late and sat down. Reading the letter and shoving the bar in his pocket. What Yashiro didn't know is that, since she wrote it when she was sleepy, she put her last name in the paper. Nene didn't notice it when putting it in her backpack so now Amane knew who was sending him the messages.

He planned confronting her about it tomorrow.

- - - - -

Yashiro entered the classroom, leaving te donut and letter in Yugi's table. What she did not expect was Amane walking in a few seconds later after she came in, a strawberry granola bar in hand. He walked towards the white haired girl and handed it to her.

She stood there for a moment, not knowing if she should grab it and thank him or ask him why first. Amane noticed this and laughed before saying something that made Yashiro's heart almost burst from all the warm, burning emotions she felt:

"Thanks, I love you too."

- - - - -

663 words, edited.

A/N: i really want to thank you all for reading this book, i apologize if i sometimes worry you all with things that have no correlation with writing or wattpad in general.

i don't know if i should make it a big deal, i don't know if wattpad works like this because although i joined in 2018 i hadn't written anything that has 'blown up' until recently.

anyways, i am perfectly okay with people getting inspired by my oneshots AS LONG AS THEY GIVE CREDIT AND DON'T REWRITE THE WHOLE THING.

a few days ago i read a book that had a few chapters that were very similar to some oneshots of this book (keep in mind that i made it at like the end of december, back when there werent many tbhk fics).

i'm really sorry if i make anyone upset by saying this, this made me a bit worried because i have dealt with issues like this in the past but didn't do anything about it to avoid confronting the person.

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