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You are whatever gender, height, being (human, demon, angel) and age you want to be. I won't make such choices for you, I just make the scenario and you use your imagination to add onto that.

I do accept requests but I won't accept scenarios involving babies, since I hate them, or scenarios like "What your pet is", "How you met" or "What your outfit is" since those are up to you.


He will usually give a witty comment when you give him a hug. He won't hug in public since he knows his brothers will never stop teasing him about it if he does. The closest to a hug he gets in public is wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you close against his side.


He will begin yelling excuses to why he can't hug while having a bright red face but when you pull away, he will immediately pull you back and ask where the hell you think your going. 

Leviathan:(I will admit, he is my least favorite so I apologize if he is out of character)

At first he always blushed and said "Euhm, ah, euhm...", but eventually he got used to it. So whenever he is gaming, he likes to have you sit on his lap so he can hug you and game at the same time.


At first he was a bit confused to how to react but now he will gladly hug you back whenever you randomly hug him. He likes when he is reading and you will come and cuddle against him. He doesn't know why he likes it because if anyone else did it, he would probably push them off the sofa. He will wrap an arm around you, give the top of your head a kiss before continuing to read.


He's always hugging you. Whenever he hugs you, he will give your ass a squeeze or kiss your neck. He doesn't care if his brothers see him hugging you, he gladly shows everyone around him how much he loves you.


He loves to give you big bear hug and kiss your forehead a kiss. He also loves to hug you from behind and put his chin on your head and listen to whatever you're saying. Sometimes he will be in the kitchen and when he spots you, he will tug you to him before hugging you and than give you food so you can both eat together while hugging.


He likes to hold you when he's sleeping. Sometimes when you're just standing somewhere, he will place his chin on your shoulder and wrap his arms around you and tiredly mumble, asking what you're doing.

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