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Motivation is a funny thing, and I've realised part of my lack of it is how much work I have to do.

I have many unfinished stories in my works that I've lost motivation to write and term I love the plots so much that I thought it would be a shame for them to go to waste... So I created this plot shop.

Some plots have just a general idea and a summary, others are more specific.


1. A plot is only available if it has the word 'available' in the title. If not, someone is already writing it, and a link to their book will be in the chapter.

2. If you want an available plot, please PM me. Do NOT comment on the chapter as I'm unlikely to see this. Just drop me a message saying which plot you want and why you like it so much! If you like most of the plot but there's something you want to change, please let me know and we can discuss ideas!

3. Please don't steal my ideas. If you take a plot, I don't require that you follow me or anything, but I would love for you to give me credit for the idea somewhere in your book.

4. If you are given a plot, please let me know when you've published the first chapter, I'm super excited to read it!

5. Lastly, please do write the book. I'm giving these plots away because I don't currently have the time or motivation to write them. If you also lose motivation and won't be writing the book, let me know and I'll put it back on the market, as to speak. All I want to see is the idea bought to life by someone who loves it as much as I do.

Each plot is in its appropriate section so please look at the contents to get an idea of what you are looking at.

If you think these rules are reasonable and you'd like an idea, please read on...

Skipper_019 xx

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