Forever Yours

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It was late one night

I saw you there

In my head

A silent prayer

You come to me your arms spread

If only you knew what was going on inside my head.

I took your hand and asked you to dance

But what I really wanted was some romance.

Then I wondered something about you

Could you be wanting what I am too ?

Your hand perfectly in mine it fits

And with your words my heart was hit

I took my hand and stroked your face

Then I felt your warm embrace.

Every word you said

Swirled endlessly inside my head

When we kissed my heart did melt

On my waist your hands I felt.

The next day we pretended nothing happened

But really to us everything happened.

I told you I liked you

You liked me too

My lonely heart

No longer blue

We've moved on now though

This fact is true

A piece of my heart will forever be saved for you.

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