Part 3

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After a long argument with North, the two grew tired and decides to go out to the kitchen and just chill for a while.
"I'm too tired for this," North had said. Markus had happily agreed since he hated arguing with her. They sat down at the kitchen table and talked a little about stuff, from art to birds to music, when suddenly North asked:
"So what we're you doing at that dump, really?"
For a split second, Markus froze, then he replied:
"I told you, I was just... taking a walk."
"We both know that's not true." North said. "Come on, just tell me! I won't get mad I swear!"
Finally, after a lot of begging from North, Markus told her. About Simon, his shed filled with extra parts, how mad he was at them, the men that had assaulted him, how he had fixed Markus arm when it got damaged. North listened with her jaw dropped.
"But you shot him!" North said pulling her hair in frustration. "How is he even alive?! Why didn't he come back?!"
"Because I killed him, North!" Markus replied with a sad voice. "Not the humans, I did!"
"Yeah, but still, you had to!"
"He doesn't believe me! He thinks we could've helped him hide or something," Markus said. "Believe me, I've tried to get him to understand! I just-"
"What are you guys talking about?" Josh asked. Markus told him the same story he had told North, and he just stood there, frozen in shock.
"I told you it was a bad idea!" he shouted at North when he could finally move again. "Poor Simon, all alone out there! And those men-"
"He shot two of them," Markus pointed out, but Josh didn't seem to care. He kept on adding things to the list of why they had to get Simon back like North and Markus didn't already want that.
"Josh, calm down! If he wanted to come back, he would have by now!" North slammed her fist onto the table to get Josh's attention. Nothing more was said about Simon that morning.

"I still think you should ask him," North said.
"I told you, I tried!" Markus replied covering his face with his hands. "He doesn't want to!"
"Then try again! He can't live out there forever!"
Markus couldn't stand talking about Simon anymore, he had to see him. So he just walked away, out the door, towards the dump.

Once he arrived, he couldn't see Simon anywhere. He was probably just a little scared after what happened the previous night, Markus thought, so he decided to go down again, just to see if he was even there.

He sure was, and he was NOT please by Markus presence.

"Didn't I tell you not to come here!?" he shouted at him. Markus was about to comment that no, he actually never said it, but realized it wouldn't really help him, so instead he said:
"Yes, I know, but I guess I just wanted to check on you, since, you know..." he looked down. Simon seemed to tone down his rage a little.
"Well, I'm fine, so you can go now," he said turning around to walk back to his shed.
"Simon!" Markus called out.
"Just go away!" Simon said, but before he could walk any further, Markus grabbed his wrist.
"I won't go, not until you and I talk." Despite Simon's struggle to free himself, Markus held his wrist. After a while, Simon gave up.
"Fine," he sighed. "Come with me." Markus let go of his wrist and followed him to his shed.

Inside was just as messy and dirty and small as he remembered it. Simon sat down on an old biocomponent container, and gestured for Markus to do the same. He sat down beside Simon, working up courage to speak.

"So what did you wanna talk about?" Simon asked, clearly annoyed.
"So, when I got home yesterday, North-" Markus said but stopped as he noticed North's name made Simon flinch. He looked at him a second, before realizing he was staring and continued the story.
"North had noticed I was gone and stayed up all night until I came home so she could catch me in the act, you know, and then I had to tell her all this about you and this place and those men... And then Josh overheard us and we had to tell him too, and now Josh won't leave me alone until you come with me!"
Simon who had just sat there beside Markus, listening to his story with a blank expression, suddenly stood up.
"Y-you should go now," he said looking down. Markus was surprised to hear his shaky voice. It sounded almost like he was... Crying? Markus decided he didn't want to upset Simon more than he already had, so he just walked out. But when he walked by Simon, he stopped.
"Oh and also-" he said. "-sorry." With those words, he left.

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