Muzan Kibutsuji ; 🍋

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(Muzan x reader lemon)

Warning: 🔞Degrading, bondage, kind of non-con?

Warning: 🔞Degrading, bondage, kind of non-con?

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Throughout the centuries.. Kibutsuji Muzan, the all-powerful immortal, who is worshipped by all demons.. He had lived long enough to undergo many things. He has followers and foes. Those who disappoint him in any way, will have their life taken. It's as simple as that.

He himself knows that no one could ever match up with his expectations. For he had lived more than a hundred thousand years, while the rest were just like useless pests to him. He thinks of himself as a being who's infinitely close to perfection.

And..well, throughout those thousands of years, he stumbled upon many, many love encounters. Considering the fact that he was an extremely attractive, young looking man. Not to mention that he was rich as well. Because of this, countless women had tried to chase after him. When in the end, he would either ignore them, sleep with them, or marry them for his own sake to blend in with the humans. Or worst case scenario.. he would capture them to play' with them with his sick mind and greed.


"M-Muzan! What's gotten into you!?" you said in frantic as you try your best to free youself from the ropes that tightly tangled your wrists.

He didn't respond, pulling on the ropes on your leg to the wooden chair tighter, causing it to dig into your smooth skin, and you cleanched your teeth from the pain while he did the same to your other leg.

You were clueless of the reasons behind his actions. You two had only dated for a couple months, and you were positive that things were going well.

Or.. Maybe this is just...

Well, you never thought he would be into these kind of things.

You could never guess that doing all this might excite him.. In such a way.

He stood in front of you, rolling up the black sleeves of his shirt. You blushed at the ideas coming into your mind, not sure of how to feel about this.

"Muzan-sama, I-"

"You sure are talkative." he said in a harsh, annoyed tone. You were taken aback from this. Did you ruin the moment or something?

You shut your mouth, gulping.

"Do not bother trying to escape. There's no chance for you and your petty attempts. Cooperate, and be useful for once." He said in his husky voice. Was he being serious?

"W-what..? Muzan-sama, if I knew you were into these things, you could've just told me!" you said honestly, not trying to hurt his feelings. Muzan, hearing this, were taken aback.

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