Vampire/ werewolf poems (atty awards)

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Thank you for reading i would just like to thank you all. Also I want to say if you would want to request a type of peom for me to write i would be happy to. thanks -ashton15-

I laid there in the old alley.

Thinking to myself how could it end this badly?

I always wanted to end my pitiful life,

I tried many times with a knife.

But failed each time,

Now I am here, a victim to a dreadful crime.

I should have never trusted you,

But my stupidity always seems to breakthrough.

 I was promised by you, glory and fame,

Yet you played me like a card in your sick minded game.

After I was dealt I could not forfeit nor fold,

If I did my mother would pay the price, well so I was told.

I was forced into a bet with my very own devil,

I only ever realised to late that you where the ultimate evil.

Now look where I am today,

I guess I never considered I would be the one who would pay.

We both started to love,

It ended too fast for me but not you when push comes to shove.

I should have known that when you where low on "juice",

I would become the person, who was abused,

Despite that I never once shed a single hateful tear.

 I should have known when you lead my here,

I would not leave alive,

That you didn't need me to survive.

You drained me.

But I will be set free.

I never seemed to remember,

It might have just all been a blur.

But there was no knife, stick, or gunfire,

Only you with long fangs, sharp claws and red eyes I only saw a vampire.


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