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Every story needs a once upon a time, a good old fashioned remedy to starting a world. A world where goods and bads and in betweens happen. Where extraordinary scenarios are set up and love stories just happen out of the blue. Every tale where dreams come true starts with a once upon a time. See, like I told you, my story needs no more explaining than a once upon a time.

All throughout my life, I haven't been accepted. I've always been the girl who's the extra. That's how I used to be, small, shy, indifferent. But, if not of my differences, my story wouldn't have gotten better. And it did. It got better. Much.

If some asked me how I've changed, I'd have to think a while before answering. Then, all my memories would flash before my eyes, and I'd look at each little memory with care.

I have changed, for better and for worse. But it doesn't matter that I've changed, not in a bad way. Because, change can be good. Change shows the good and bad in a person and it shows how much you've improved as yourself. It shows your capabilities, and your breaking points. Change is good.

My differences helped me learn that the world is full of evil, and sometimes, all you have to do is take one step and everything gets worse, and then sometimes, all you have to do is take one step, and everything gets better. Your friends can become your enemies, your enemies your friends. You can become good or bad or even evil.

I go to the worst school in the world, Amstram Middle School. All the kids have something wrong with them. At least, that's what I would tell myself everyday before school started. I was the only sane person in the school, except for the class pets. I pardoned them. The teachers? Worse. They would just sit back, relax, and watch a kid get beat into bloody pulp. Scary right? They acted as if it was good education. Huh, more like entertainment for them.

I've been bullied since the beginning of sixth grade, now that I'm an eighth grader, I've been living in this hole of a life. Every day, I struggle to find myself sane and alive and well. The only friends I had were my family, mainly my sister, Odelle, who was an eleventh grader at Sacharger High School.

However, my meek little family wasn't much to protect me from the darkness of the world. And I soon found out that.

Okay, nevermind, let's rewind the story a bit, to the day when everything changed.

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