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It was the time when Jungkook got home and received a call. It was his dad calling. He immediately sat up seeing his dad calling him.

"Abeoji." He answered.

"Hello, son. I'm coming home to Busan, how are you? Are you busy? I heard a lot from you on the news even in foreign news papers and everywhere, Junghyun called me too."

"A little busy, I am fine. How about you?" He asked.

"I am good, I am preparing for my trip going back to Korea. I really miss your mom and you and Junghyun, can you go home to Busan?"

"When are you going back, abeoji?"

"In three days, I didn't tell your mom and brother about it. I am planning on surprising them, well yeah... I have seen them few months ago. They told me you came, and they are visiting you there in Seoul. But I am not going to Seoul... I only have limited time to stay in Busan, only in Busan."

"I understand, I'll try to go see you. I'm sorry, abeoji. I miss you and I really want to see you, I'll come. I will, promise. It's been so long since I saw you too." Jungkook smiled.

"Thank you, son! Let's see each other as a family in three days, I am very proud of you by the way. Oh you really did well, you're really like me." His father chuckled.

"Thank you, abeoji. I am doing it all for you, mom, Junghyun hyung."

"Thank you, son."


"You emptied your schedules for the next three days? What do you expect me to think?" Dahyun asked while Jungkook drives. "Where the hell are you taking me? Just be honest with me, Jungkook."

"Are you listening to what you're saying, Dahyun? Why are you being like this? You're the one who told me to focus on work, that's what I am doing because I thought that's what you wanted. Now you're mad?" Dahyun looked outside the window. "Dahyun." She didn't answer, her tears are tending to fall again.

"Stop the car." She whispered, her voice cracked.


"Stop the car." Dahyun said clearly, Jungkook did. Dahyun is still looking away, Jungkook looked at her. "I'm sorry, you can go." Dahyun got off.

"Dahyun!" Jungkook followed her. "What's wrong, can you tell me??? I really don't have an idea. What happened? What did I do?" He approached her.

"For the past days, I've been very scared. Jin oppa is been telling me what you're doing and it really feels weird, he's telling me you're all focused to work, that's not what I'm talking about that's strange. I've been fcking asking you where you're going but you never answered! Just answer me then I'll stop. Why is it so hard to answer my question? Are you cheating on me? I'm not supposed to be asking that but fear is eating me now, JK. I want to hear an answer, whatever it is. Are we breaking up again? Are you done with me?"

Jungkook shook his head.

"I want an answer, JK!" Dahyun sobbed.

"You're wrong. Why would I cheat on you? I'm sorry, I'm really sorry for making you feel that way. I'm sorry for not telling you—"

He felt his phone ringing. Dahyun wiped her tears and looked away. Jungkook looked who's calling, Dahyun looked at him. It was his dad, Jungkook answered it.

"Abeoji." Dahyun turned to the side.

"Son, let's see each other from the train station."

"Yes, abeoji. Just wait for me, I have my car with me."

"Oh, okay. I'm about to buy tickets, good thing you said it, sorry son. I can just go see you here in Seoul but you know my schedules."

"I know, abeoji. I'm on my way, see you." Jungkook hang up.

"You're meeting your dad?" Dahyun asked.

"I am."

"You're going to Busan. Like, no one knows?"

"I didn't tell them because they wouldn't let me."

"They would understand, it's not just anyone, Jungkook. You made everyone very suspicious of your actions!"

"I'm sorry, Dahyun. I made you cry again." Jungkook approached her. "I made you think I am cheating." Jungkook wrapped his arms around her.

"It's like you're really going to run away." Dahyun sniffed.

"That's why I want you to come with me to meet my dad." He held both of her arms.

"I'll just go back."

"Go back?"

"I'm sorry." She sighed. "After thinking of a wrong idea about you, I made myself cry like this. My eyes are close to being swollen, I can't meet your dad like this." Jungkook wiped her cheeks.

"He won't notice. I really want you to meet him, to Busan." He said.

"What? Busan? You'll be there in three days, right?" Jungkook nodded.

"Come with me."

"No, no. It's just for your family to be together, I'm sorry for interrupting."

"But BTS is also my family, Jin hyung. You are his sister, and you are my girlfriend. Eomma already met you many times, not my father. Spend time with me for three days."

"Spend it to your family, I already understand everything. It's really embarrassing." Dahyun rubbed her forehead.

"It isn't, you let me know how important I am to you and you love me." He chuckled. "Now let's agree that you're coming with me because my dad is waiting."

"Wh-what? I do not have anything."


Jungkook and Dahyun arrived at the train station, Jungkook held her hand when they got off his car.

"You're shaking." He noticed.

"It's cold." Dahyun reasoned. He looked at her. "Okay, I am mervous. I am seeing Mr. Jeon."

"I am Mr. Jeon." He chuckled. "Let's go." They walked and Jungkook looked for his dad. "Abeoji!" He called when he saw him, he waved his hand to him.

"Son!" His father approached them carrying his bags.

"Let me help you with that." Jungkook said.

"No, no. I'll drop it first." He said and did. "Aigoo! My son is grown up! You changed your style, the hair... The look, the tattoo." He hugged Jungkook and tapped his shoulders. "You look cool and nice... You little look like a bad boy." He rubbed Jungkook's hair, Jungkook chuckled. His dad's eyes landed to Dahyun, to their hands holding. "So, the news... This is Jin's sister? Your girlfriend."

Dahyun bowed at him.

"Hello, sir. I'm Kim Dahyun." She greeted and removed her hand from Jungkook.

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