After the Doctor's finished they let us back in the room. He turned towards Laura. "We found some things, do you want him to stay?" I looked over to her and she looked back at me and then at the doctor with a small smile.

"Yes he can stay." I felt relief when she said I could, I guess she could see how much I care about her daughter. The doctor nodded and turned to both of us.

"We seem to have found some vaginal bleeding due to the force, we've stopped most of it. We've also checked for any prints we could find on her or DNA." He flipped around in his papers and I clenched my jaw. "We found some semen on her stomach and inner thighs." I balled my hands in to fists. I really couldn't take it anymore but he wasn't done.

"We also have to check for possible Pregnancy. The guy didn't wear a condom, so we should give her pills to make sure that she won't be pregnant from it." I forgot all about this, Payton becoming pregnant was the last thing that came to my mind. I watches as her mom just stood there taking everything in. "I'm sorry that you guys need to go through with this." She gave the doctor a small smile and he returned one. He left us and I buried my head in my hands.

"You really care about her don't you?" I looked up to her mom, she was hugging herself and her eyes looked warmer. I cleared my throat and looked over to Payton and back at her.

"Yes." She nodded and smiled.

"Are you guys in a relationship?" I looked at her and I knew she knew. Why else would a teacher still be here. I couldn't lie to her, not after what happened. I nodded, I started to feel my heart beat faster.

"Yes." I looked at her to try and see what her reaction was but she didn't have one. She looked at me blankly. It almost looked like she was glad.

"How old are you?"

"I just turned 23 a week ago." She nodded and smiled.

"I don't care about your age difference, she's almost 18, thats's five years, it isn't bad." The tension that filled my body released I was happy she was okay with it. "But," My head snapped up to her gaze. "Are you willing to risk you're job for this?" I sighed and ran a finger through my hair.

"Like I told Payton, I don't care if I lose it or not. I'd risk anything for her, and I'll always be there for her Mrs. Demark." She smiled at me and it was important for me that her mom approved. I mean even if she didn't I'd still be with Payton, but her approval means a lot.

"Laura, and I can tell you care about her a lot." I smiled and nodded. I looked over to Payton. She looked more relaxed now.

"I do." I kept my eyes on Payton but then redirected them to her. She sat in her chair and I checked the time, 9:00. The doctors let both of us stay considering the situation. It was 7 hours since Payton was here and I just wanted her to wake up. I rested my head against the chair and closed my eyes.

I heard a faint voice call my name and when I opened my eyes I looked over to the clock it was one in the morning. I looked towards the bed and Payton was awake. I pulled my chair closer to her and held her hand.

"Hey, how are you?" I used my free hand to stroke her gently. She smiled and flinched at my touch.

"I'm okay." I gave her a weak smile. I knew she wasn't okay. She wasn't okay having her virginity taken from her. Hell I wasn't okay with it. I held on to her hand tighter. "Are you okay?" I looked up at her and smiled.

"I'll be better when I find out you're okay." She turned her head and noticed her mom and looked back at me.

"My moms here..." I nodded at her and knew what she would ask.