Christmas Morning

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"Heidi, Heidi wake up, it's Christmas!" At first, I didn't move when I heard Noah yelling, then my whole body jerked at the sound of the door slamming open, my eyes slowly opening as his footsteps faded away.

I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes, glancing out the window to the bright greenery and cloudy sky, remembering all that had happened.

"But did it really?" I whispered aloud. It feels real, but then again that's how all dreams feel after waking from them. My footsteps we're sluggish as I made my way to the living room.

Perhaps it was a dream after all; too good to be true. "Merry Christmas sis!" I looked to Noah with a sad sort of smile.

"Merry Christmas Noah; what did Santa bring you?"


A short while later, after all the gifts had been unwrapped and mom was starting to throw away the wrapping paper, I was sitting by the window when Noah came up to me.

"Heidi, there's one more for you." I looked over uninterested, then saw it was a small blue box with a white bow. I could swear my heart stopped beating.

"Well?" Silently, I took it from his hands held for a moment in my lap, my own palms shaking. It took three tries before I was finally able to undo the ribbon and open the box. I gasped faintly, fingertips brushing my parted lips.

Inside was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen; the chain was silvery-white and it had a single white snowflake hanging in the middle, twinkling in the morning light. I was about to put it on when I noticed a folded sheet of paper at the bottom of the box. Picking it up, I unfolded it and read the message within;

Dear Heidi,

By now you would have discovered who sent you that white Christmas all those years ago when you were young. I know the chances of us seeing each other again are one in a million, but I hope you come back someday soon and we can skate across the ice and have all the snowy fun we can. Don't forget the magic to be had on a snowy day.

Forever Yours, Snowy

I didn't know I was crying until the tears hit the paper, white as snow and cold to the touch, but I was smiling too. And felt so cheerful when I put the necklace on and gingerly touched the pendant. My feet seemed to move on their own accord as I slipped out into the front yard, arm wrapped tightly around Avery as I looked upon the cloudy sky and smiled slowly.

"I'll never forget about you Snowy, never never never." I murmured. And as my words died down, a gentle winter breeze coasted my hair to sway; cooling my cheeks and coasting me to look to the white above, a beaming smile on my lips.

The End

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