Rvb S13 E2 "Capital Assets"

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Armonia Downtown
Within the Capital city of Chorus, Grif walks down a cross walk shuffling past Rebels and Feds as a train goes by over his head.

Rebel: Good morning, Captain Grif.

Grif: Hey.

Fed: Good morning, Captain Grif!

Grif: Yeah.

Matthews: Oh. Oh! Captain Grif!

Grif stops walking and turns to see Mathews standing right next to him. Besides Matthews, he see's various Rebels and Feds wandering the streets and sticking close to their own people.

Grif: (Sighs) Yes, Matthews?

Matthews: Hey! Uh, uh, I just wanted to say, uh, thanks again for everything you and the other Reds and Blues did for us. If you guys hadn't shut down that radio jammer, we'd be dead!

Grif: (Sarcastically) Gosh Matthews, I really appreciate that! Almost as much as I did the other fifty-six times you thanked me!

Matthews: Oh, good. I was worried it would might start to come off as annoying.

A Rebel drives by the pair on a Mongoose.

Grif: It does, that was sarcasm.

Matthews: Just gonna repress that!

Grif: What?

Matthews: Oh, Captain Grif! Uh, good to see you. I wanted to thank you for-

Grif: (Grunts) Look, do you know where Kimball is? I need to talk to her.

Matthews: Kimball? Uh, I'm pretty sure I saw her in the armory a little while ago.

Grif: Great, thanks.

Grif walks off, leaving Matthews on the cross walk.

Matthews: ...Do you need an escort?

Grif: NO!

A line consisting of Feds and Rebels are waiting in front of a open garage door, where Simmons is handing them weapons. Lopez is futher inside the garage wandering around the place, while Zeta walks over to Simmons on dumps some weapons on a crate in front of him.

Zeta: You know when you asked me to help out in the Armoury, I'd thought I would have a more... interesting role. (Mutters) Then again, it is you.

Simmons: Labour is always an interesting role when your not the one doing it.

???: Um excuse, sir?

Simmons: Hold on for a sec, Zeta.

Simmons turns around to the next person in the line, who happens to be a Gunman Fed with red accents and visor.

Simmons: Alright, explain to me again, why do you need a .50 caliber chaingun?

Gunman Fed: ...Because I'm a gunman.

Simmons: Yeah, yeah, I know, I get that. You keep saying that. I mean, why do you need it right now?

Rebel 1: Hey G-man, hurry up!

Gunman Fed: Well, I mean, how else are people gonna know what I do around here?

Zeta steps up besides Simmons.

Zeta: What do mean? You all share the same role! You're a soldier and everyone else here is a soldier!

Simmons: Your one job is to shoot at people, who shoot at you, until one of you dies from all the shooting!

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