First day part2

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"Matthew,Taylor and JackG is in our class,don't make any eye contact with them just stay with me ok?"mahogany says."sure,thanks"I reply.

We walk into class and I sit down by Mahogany.I call out present on the register and then the bad boys walk in,mrJones doesn't acknowledge them as they walk to the back."remember what I said"Mahogany says."what did you say?"I hear a voice say behind me."get lost Taylor"Mahogany says."well are you new here"Taylor asks as he taps me.I give Mahogany a unsure look and says "yeah" "what's your name?"Taylor asks."uh y/n"i say."see Ya around"Taylor winks at me before he walks to the back."what did I say y/n"Mahogany scolds me. "Sorry I didn't know what to do"I say.

The lesson proceeds and I could feel eyes watching me,maybe I was just hesitant about those boys.The bell rings and seeming I was all day with Mahogany I went to her lessons.

It's lunch and I walk into the crazy cafeteria with Mahogany.She leads me to her table and sat there was Shawn,Aaron and a girl who I didn't recognise."hey guys"mahogany says."hey mahogany who's your friend?"the girl asks."this is y/n.She just moved to our school.Y/n this is Holly" "hey"I say."hey y/n"Holly says.

"Uh y/n,someone's looking at you"Aaron says awkwardly.I turn to the direction Aaron was looking at to see Matthew glancing at me,he winks and then turns back to his friends.I get a slightly cold shiver up my spine and turn back to the group."so how do you like this school?"Shawn asks."It's cool,you guys are not stuck up like the students in LA"I say."What,you're from LA?!"Holly asks."yeah"i giggle.

--skip rest of day--

I come home and put my bag on the floor,I walk to the kitchen to see my mum."how was your first day?"mum asks."it was great,met a few friends"I say."thats lovely sweetie,what's their names?"mum asks."well there's Shawn,Mahogany,Hayes,Aaron and Holly"I say."thats nice,dear"mum says.

I Skype Kate and she answers..
"OMG Y/N!"she screams."KATE"I scream."so how was your first day?my day back with out you sucked by the way"Kate asks."it was good,already met the bad boys.One even winked at me"I say."ooh,are Ya gonna be a bad girl"Kate giggles.

"no Kate,they're good looking but I'll pass"I say."haha,ugh I'd love to stay but I got a ton of home work so see ya later!"Kate says."byee!"i say.

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