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Addisons POV

I feel horrible about this but even after what she just told me about what happened with Griffin I'm still jealous of how he pulled her into his lap. She must have a reason she's staying with him. Thats one of the reasons I brought her up here. And to just spend time with her. But first we had to go live.

    "Hey guys, I'm with Dixie. Sorry I haven't been posting much. It's been quite a hectic couple of days." The comments filled with heys and fan accounts. Then sometimes the ship comments about her and Griffin and me and Bryce. How are they not over him already. Then there's the rare comments about me and Dixie. One of the comments that Dixie responded too was 'Dixie why do you like Sweater Weather?' "Sweater weather is hands down my favorite song." After a while we just turned it off and I put on Netflix.

    The about 10 minutes into the movie I felt a moment of boldness. "Dixie why are you staying with Griffin? Please don't give me the because then stop talking." Dixie looked at me for a moment then sighed. She picked up the remote and paused the movie. "Look Addison there's something I've been wanting to tell you. I just didn't know how." Wait did I push it too far? Does she like someone else-

"I think I'm like gay. But have a slight attraction to boys i dont know." If she said something else I wouldn't know. My heart didn't stop beating. It started running a marathon. I had a party in my mind. Could this mean I had a chance? No. Just because she likes girls doesn't mean she likes me. I snapped out of my trance and saw her with a worried expression on her face. Probably because I haven't responded. "Dixie why didn't you tell me?"

She looked up looking relieved probably because I answered."I don't know I-. It's just if it was a negative reaction, I couldn't lose you." How could she think she would lose me. I have a crush on her. I want to marry her. "Dixie you'll never lose me. I love you too much for that to even be a possibility." Dixie looked at me with tears in her eyes. She then just jumped into my arms and squeezed on my body tight. I cant believe she didn't trust me. I would do anything for her to trust me. She then slowly pulled away with a tear rolling down her cheek. I immediately wiped it off.

She then looked me in the eyes. I was in love with this girl.

"Addison why do you care so much about me and Griffin? Like i know he doesn't treat me the best but most of the people I'm friends with just ship us and tell me it'll get better."

I didn't want to talk about this subject. But she looked at me with sadness and every mixed emotion. She was still holding my hand. She also rubbed a finger over mine every so often which sent sparks through my body.

"The same reason I get jealous when you talk to Troy, Nick, or Tayler."

What did I just do? Did I ruin everything? What if she doesn't want to be friends anymore?

I knew the exact moment she realized what I just said. She looked up at me. She took her hand out of mine. For the love of god what did I do.

But then she put it on cheek and grabbed it. She then started leaning in. Wait is this actually happening. I leaned in at she same time. Even though we were sitting on the bed i somehow got my arm around her waist. Then our noses touched and our lips touched. Ive been waiting months for this. She tasted almost like candy and apples. At first I thought it would just be a kiss but we kept going. Before I knew it I was sitting on her lap with my legs wrapped around her waist. We didn't use tongue probably because we were so caught in the moment. She slipped her hand under the back of my shirt to rub my back. After a couple minutes we pulled away. We set our foreheads against one another's.

After I caught my breath I said, "You have no Idea how long I've been waiting to do that."

"You have no idea how much I agree with you."

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