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(Since this is mostly a Dixison book I wont be showing much conversation from other people)

Dixies POV (As requested)

     You know how I told Addison Griffins the only person I've really liked in this period of my life.

     That was one of the biggest lies I've ever told. For multiple reasons.

     The reason I haven't had an attraction to 'anyone' is because I'm not remotely attracted to anyone who has shown interest in me and want to know why?

     Because they were all men.

    I've been confused about my sexuality for a while but its been much stronger lately. One of the causes of that is probably because I'm around some of the most attractive women I've ever seen in my life. Specially my best friend. The girl lying in my arms at this very moment.

    Addison Rae.

    Addison has been my best friend ever since I met her. If i started dating her then I dont even know what would happen. What if it ended horribly? But why am I even thinking about this. I have a boyfriend. Oh I know why. Because he's a douche.

He flirts with other girls while were in public. He tweets about me being 'cute' even though he actually tells me I look like a 10 year old boy. He yells at me for the most random things. He makes me feel horrible about myself.

But if I break up with him then I have no actual excuse that I have any attraction towards men in any possible way. Or that I don't have a huge attraction to my best friend.

For the love of god I don't even know if she's attracted to women. Would I even risk everything to date her. But all those questions went away when my alarm went off and I saw this perfect human once again.

"Morning Addi." She then replied with a smile and stuffed her head back into my chest. "We gotta get to the airport Addi." She replied with a moan. I then lifted myself up carrying her in the process which caused her to cling onto my body. I then put her down on the bed next to her clothes since we fell asleep on the couch the previous night. "Addi I'm gonna get ready, then we need to go to the airport." She then did a cute stretch and nodded in response.

As I was getting ready I remembered our almost kiss yesterday. But my mood completely changed when I thought about how I have to see Griffin in a couple hours. I should love him. But I don't. And I wont force myself to.

After I got ready I went out and saw a tired Addison on the bed in my hoodie, (Which I loved her in) and my sweatpants. She also had no makeup on which was lovely because she looked amazing when she was all natural.

"Ready Addi?" She smiled when she saw me. "Yeah I did a final swept to make sure we didn't leave anything." I nodded and we went to get Bryant.

After we got Bryant we walked downstairs fixing to get in the Uber to go to the airport and Troy was down there.

I didn't dislike Troy. He was just very touchy and he even knew I had a boyfriend. And he ruined the one sorta intimate moment we've ever had. "Oh hey Troy." He looked up and smiled.

"Hey Dix. I just wanted to say goodbye."

"Oh ok."

I smiled at him then he pulled me into a hug. He then kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye. He just said bye to everyone else. I looked over to Addison and her knuckles were white from what I would guess clenching them.

We got in the car with Bryant in the front again and me and Addi in the back. I mouthed to her, 'you ok?' She just looked at me and slightly nodded. I then grabbed her hand and held it because she looked stressed and I just loved holding her hand. She looked at me and smiled then laid her head on my shoulder.

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