#23 a new chapter begins

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"Kylian!", I screamed holding my belly as I felt the pain attack me in all directions.

"I know I know Sav I'm going as fast as I can, we are not far away now", he said as I saw panic running throughout him as he drove us to the hospital. "Get out the fucking way, the light is on green!".

If I could, I would laugh at his road rage but this was no laughing situation. The pain was literally unbearable. "Kylian, help!", I said crying as tears fell, I just felt so weak and so in pain.

"Okay okay we are here, hold on", he said as I felt the car stop as he raced out before running to my side and picking me up. "Jheez Sav you weigh a ton, your going to break my arms", he chuckled still in panic mode and I honestly could of hit him for having the time to make jokes at now of all times. Vaguely opening my eyes I noticed we were round the back of the hospital and there were three medics running towards us with a bed as I felt myself be lowered onto it.

Grabbing Kylian's hand, I squeezed it tight as we made our way into the hospital with my squeezing my eyes shut and biting down on the pain as I tried to listen to what they were talking about but it was pretty damn hard. "And how far along is she?".

"Well she isn't due for another two weeks", I heard Kylian say breathlessly. We were now in a small room with nurses pacing back and forth as they scrambled to get together what they needed. "Is something wrong with the baby? Why is it here early?".

"Yes that's completely normal, nothing to worry about but we are going to have to get the baby out now, she had dilated a sufficient amount", the nurses said before I felt a breathing mask be put over my face as I squeezed Kylian's hand afraid he would leave. "Savanna? Savanna can you hear me? This is doctor Harcourt, myself and my midwife Linda are going to need you to start pushing very soon, your baby needs to come out".

It was so weird. I knew exactly what the doctor had just said but I was incapable of reacting to it as I just laid in pain. What the hell was happening.

Kylian's POV

"Sav", I frowned looking at her when she suddenly went a little too calm for my liking and began closing her eyes. "Savanna come on stay with it".

"I...oh god I can't", she breathed shaking her head. I knelt down next to her bed as she grabbed my one hand with both hers looking up at me. "I can't!", she cried.

And before I could speak, the doctor cut me off. "Ok Savanna it's time to push, I'm going to need one big push to start, ok?".

"Kylian", she cried shaking her head.

Bringing her hands up to my lips I placed a kiss on the back of them. "Sav listen, your going to be fine, it will be over before you know it but they need to get the baby out now so you need to listen to them, I know it hurts but come on you can do it!".

"Savanna push!", the doctor said before she squeezed her eyes shut and I could see how much this was killing her. Her face red as she breathed heavily and fuck me she was squeezing my hands tight but I just bit my tongue because this was nothing compared to giving birth. "Push!".

"Come on Sav baby you can do it", I said with a hand on her forehead instantly feeling the heat she was giving off.

"Kylian!", she yelled.

"Come on baby, push!", I yelled back impatiently waiting for the doctors to say they could at least see the baby's head.

"Ok your not pushing hard enough Savanna, ready after three, a big strong push...1...2...3!".


"I can see the head!", I heard making me ease that tiniest little bit.

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