[Chapter Two - Her]

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Axels POV
After Kosei dropped Layla off at science we both started walking towards our homeroom which was History. Once we got there we walked into class and the first thing I noticed was the maps of different states placed all over the walls.

"You must be Axel Collette correct?" I hear someone say. I look over and notice the teacher staring at me.

"Oh uh, yes sir! Apologies if I'm late." I say to him nervously. He chuckled

"Don't worry, it's your first day here I won't get mad at ya." The teacher said "There are no assigned seats so feel free to sit where you want."

I nod my head and walk over to the table Kosei was sitting at. Students were chatting to each other, some writing in their notebooks. The teacher stood up from his desk, and the whole room immediately got silent.

"Alright class, today I want you to continue your essay about the Civil War. Axel because it's your first day here I only have a worksheet for you to do." The teacher said coming over and placing a worksheet on my desk. He walked back over to his desk as the other students took out their notebooks and started writing.

                     {After Class}

I walked around the halls, looking at the sheet that had my locker number. I couldn't seem to find it and I was starting to panic cause I didn't want to be late for my next class.

"You seem lost, need any help?" A feminine voice said. I look up and notice a girl with messy brown hair in a ponytail and gray eyes.

"Actually yeah...I-I can't seem to find my locker and I don't wanna be late for my next class." I tell her

"You must be the new student! Here I'll help you." She said

"Thanks, I'm locker 125." I say.

"You're a hall down from my locker, follow me!" She said smiling. I followed her into a separate hallway, she looked around until she spotted it.

"Here it is! Locker 125." She said.

"Th-Thank you!" I say smiling.

"No problem! I'm Caesy by the way." Caesy said

"I'm Axel." I reply, she smiled.

"Ooh, the flower crown on your head is really pretty." She said. Shit, I forgot about that!

"Oh uh, thank you!" I say

"What's your next class?" She asked

"Oh, I have PE." I say, her eyes lit up

"I do too! The PE class usually lets Juniors and Sophomores take the same class period, so that's probably why." Caesy said "Cmon, I'll show you where the changing rooms are, I think we're doing a obstacle course today."

I nodded, I quickly open my locker and put my stuff in it, along with the flower crown. I take out my PE uniform and then follow Caesy over to the changing rooms.

"Here we are! Boys are over there. There's a door you'll be able to walk out of when you're done that will lead you right to the gym! I'll meet you later!" Caesy said and then walked over to the girls changing room. I walk into the boys changing room, heading over to a separate stall and change. After I finished I walk out and accidentally run into someone. I look up and notice a guy, who was much taller than I was, with light dirty blonde hair, tan skin and brown eyes.

"Oh sorry! Didn't see you there" I say, he laughed

"Its fine newbie." He replied

"God is it that obvious? Everyone seems to say that when they first see me." I say

"It kinda is, but don't worry about it. I'm Grayson by the way." The guy said.

"Axel." I say introducing myself "Hey how tall are you cause you seem like a giant compared to everyone else"

"I'm 6'1" He says laughing

"HOW ARE YOU THAT TALL?! I'm only 5'11, are your parents trees or something?" I say laughing, he laughed along as well

"I'm sure if they were they'd be way less annoying." He says "Plus you're pretty tall as well so don't go around acting like you're short cause I can guarantee half the boys in the school are like 5'5-5'7."

We both laughed and then realized we should start heading into the gym. We walked in a noticed some students doing a warm up the teacher gave while others did different games.

"Grayson! Axel! Over here!" Caesy said. We walked over to her noticing she had a ball in her hands.

"Wanna play catch? The teacher said that if we didn't do the warm up we could do something else while they set up the course outside." Caesy said. We both nodded and started playing together, laughing and smiling while we did so.

"Oh my god Axel is doing something other than sitting in his room." Layla said walking up to us.

"Oh shush." I say causing her to laugh

"Is this your sister?" Grayson asked. I nodded 

"Can I join you guys?" Layla asked

"Sure!" Caesy said. We all ended up playing for a little while longer before the teacher came in the room and told us we should head outside cause the course was set up.

                     {Time Skip}

It was the end of the day. Layla and I had gotten our stuff and started to walk home, chatting along the way.

"So, do you think there's anyone you'd like?" Layla asked

"U-Um..W-Well..." I say. She stopped in her tracks causing me to stop as well.

"ALREADY?! Oh my god who? What's her name, did you get her number?!" Layla said asking thousands of questions.

"Well uh...y-you know that girl we were hanging out with at PE? Caesy?" I said.

"REALLY?!" She replied shocked

"Well yeah...she's really pretty and super nice. I wanna be able to get to know her more. I didn't get her number but I will tomorrow." I said. Layla squealed.

"Axel has a crush! Axel has a crush!" Layla sang, starting to run home

"LAYLA!!" I say, running after her.
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