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Jungkook saw the news and articles about Dahyun donating for the people infected with a disease, he got home and rested for a while until he heard his phone rang.


As usual, BTS got busy with their promotions and collecting awards again. They kept winning from their performances, Jungkook did emptied his schedules. And asked permission from their manager but he didn't tell him where he'll go or what is his plans but he just said that he's leaving for three days away from BTS for personal reasons, they'll just let BTS leave if it's an emergency, they are not allowed to go out because of the country's situation, and that's what he said. He has emergency outside, Seoul.

Dahyun also kept contacting him but he's too busy for their planned schedules, he is finishing all his duties to leave.

"Hey, Jungkook." It's Eunha, GFriend is still going to BigHit but they don't see each other because of a hectic schedules.

"Hey." Jungkook said back, they saw each other from the cafeteria.

"How are you?" Eunha asked.

"Fine, totally fine." Jungkook nodded not looking at Eunha but doing other stuffs.

"That's good." Eunha nodded. "I heard you won a lot from music shows already, congratulations."

"Have you told that to your brother instead?" He asked.

"He's too busy, I got here and it's been weeks since the last time we saw and talked to each other." Eunha took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Jungkook. About what happened, Now you're aware that I like you. I'm sorry for kissing you that time, but I don't want you to avoid me or stay away from me... Ignoring me, trust me this time. I won't do anything stupid, I get it that you only look at me as a sister. I am already accepting that, maybe if Hoseok oppa asked something from you for me to be okay with him, I'll help you. I really mean it."

"It's okay now, Eunha. To clear things out with you, I am also not treating you as a sister. I owe your brother a lot, I am doing what he told me to do to help him. Help yourself, he is your brother and not just anyone." Jungkook said.

"Believe me, Jungkook. I get it." Eunha said.

"I believe you now, I do not have much time. I have to go."

What they didn't know is that someone is taking pictures of them secretly when they are having that conversation before Jungkook leaves.

Eunha sighed.


TWICE doesn't have hectic schedules but also planning on their 2020 comeback, Dahyun was always sending message to Jin asking how are they and what are they doing. Jin noticed Jungkook is just focusing on work and to the members and nothing else.

"Let's go out." Jimin rested his arm on Jungkook's shoulder.

"Where?" JHope asked.

"Have some fun, celebrate our wins?" Jimin said.

"Great idea." Namjoon nodded.

"You all in?" Jimin asked, they all agreed except for Jungkook.

"Ohhh, he's going out to see his girlfriend. I'm sure of that." Taehyung said and Jungkook looked at him.

"I have to go." Jungkook said and carried his bag. He's on his way out when Eunha called him.

"Jungkook!" She called. Jungkook stopped and turned to her. "Going home? It's still too early." Jungkook didn't answer. "Oh, going out with Dahyun?"

"I gotta go." Jungkook said and approached his car. Eunha watched him until he drives away from BigHit.


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