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Lilly's POV:
        My bags are packed. I'm up and dressed and now all I have to go is wait for Jake to text. I went downstairs to talk with my family before I leave for college. I can't believe Senior year blew by that fast. When I got to the living room my mom was already there with my brother.

Ding. Dong.

There's my dad. I let him in and he just smiled at me but the sadness was evident in his eyes. He tries to be there for me in everything I do. I really thank him for trying. My phone buzzed and I knew I didn't have much time left until I have to leave.
Jake: Just finishing up with my packing. I'll be there in about... 15 minutes.

"Well I only have fifteen minutes so we better get these tears flowing." I said and they all laughed. My mom stood up from the couch and grasped both my shoulders. "I'm really gonna miss my baby girl. I love you. " She tried to say. She was a little choked up and I could tell her eyes were filling up. She pulled me into a motherly bear hug. "I'll miss you too mom. I love you more." I hugged her and when she finally let go, she was full on crying.

        Josh stood up next. Since he skipped Sophomore year and was now going into his Senior year, he was eligible to apply for Crenwin as well. He informed us a little while ago the he got acctepted! "How am I gonna live without my stupid?" He always knew how to hit a soft spot. He was 16 now and he really turned out to be the best person I know. He kissed my forehead before pulling me into a hug and lifting me off the ground. "What will I ever do without my idiot?" I replied back with a giggle but I couldn't hold back the tears forming in my eyes and I just let them go. "I love you, little bro." He was the closest to me in my family. "I love you too, big sis." And he let me go. "I'll be on campus with you next year, don't worry." He said before my dad approached me.

          "Daddy's little girl. You will rock college. Even though I was absent for a year of your life I will still always be here now. I love you, Lilly." We had gotton closer over this year. He was really trying to be the best dad he could be even though we didn't live together. "I love you dad." I said still crying and hugged him as well. "I love you more." He said and pulled me in for a hug. We stayed like that for probably a minute. My tears were all over my face, but my mom's were worse.

         "I'm going go clean up and get my bags in the car." I said heading up the stairs. Once I reached my room I fixed my make up and pulled my bags into the hallway. "Let me help you." Josh offered as he careied two of my bags down the stairs. "Jeez how much do you need to pack. Dang girl." He said as he finally put them down on the floor at the end of the stairs. He noticed all five of my bags. "A lot, now just shove them in the trunk." I said following behind with two more bags. I loaded them in the backseat. Josh went up to get the last one and filed it in my passengers seat.

         I know what you're thinking what's going to happen with the team? You're splitting up?! Well here's your answer. Kaitie and John both begged General Forson to get them into Crenwin University and poof, just like that they were in. We were pretty much loved in the spy business. Chris decided to take off and not go to college for a couple years, but don't you fret because he will be working as a spy on missions with us. None of us were really separated at all. Even though I know not every mission will be with my team, I know a lot of the missions will be. Since required school is over, I am probably going to be going on 3 times as many missions as I went on last year and I can't wait.

        A couple honks of a car horn snapped me out of my haze as I saw Jake pull up and step out of his car. He had the biggest smile across his face. We had a long drive to the college, but I was going to be right behind him the whole way. "Ready for college?" He said hugging me. "You know I am." I replied as we pulled apart but not for long before he pulled my face to his and our lips crashed together. I would never get used to the way my day lights up by the mere touch of him. Sparks ignited all over. He was about to deepen the kiss when we heard the front door open. We quickly spread apart as my parents came to say their last goodbyes. My brother gave me one last hug before holding out his pinky. "Old handshake?" He asked. "Why not." I replied before doing a handshake that I can't believe I remember after all these years. "Love you."he said kissing my forehead."Love you too. Don't forget to call me and update me." I called as I stepped in my car. He nodded as I slowly backed out of the driveway.


       We drove for about 22 hours before finally reaching the college. We got our schedules and got checked in before heading off to our dorms. I pulled out my key and opened the door. A familiar friend was already there waiting for me. "KAITIE!" I yelled, running to hug her. Of course I already knew we were going to be roommates but I still wanted to seem surprised. "LILLY!" She screamed back with a hug. "Can you believe that we're in college?" I asked dragged my bags in from the hallway where I had someone help me bring them. "No... how much stuff do you need, child!" She laughed as she saw all my bags. "Oops." I can't help that I have seperation problems with my clothes. Jake and John somehow got in the same dorm as well. I think General Forson had something to do with that too but hey, it could be a coincidence. Then again, he is a pretty powerful guy.

        My phone buzzed. It was a group message from John to Kaitie, Jake, and I.
John: College party 2night. Who's in?
Kaitie: me
Jake: hell yeah
Me: ^^^

There was one thing I knew for sure. The last few years were great, but the next few years are going to be way way better.


A/N: That's it. Hope it was clear on what happened. If you have any questions, leave a comment and once I have enough questions I'll do a Q&A chapter to answer them. I really loved writing this book. I hope you loved reading it. Love you guys this |________________________________________________________________| much and more!!!!!




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