Why don't you trust me?

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Nefertari's P.O.V

After Sese walked out of his chambers , I continued sitting on the arm chair. I just couldn't believe what just happened to me. My whole world came crumbling down. I always knew that my Sese had a vicious temper but I had always been able to help him control it. I never thought that one day I would be in the receiving end of it.

I slowly made my way out of his chambers and towards his private garden for which I had received special permission to enter. Just as I was about to enter , the guards blocked my way with their spears. I looked at them and it didn't take me much time to realize that Sese had passed an order to stop me from entering his garden. As I was turning from the entrance, I heard several footsteps approaching me. With the torches in the corridor I was able to recognize Mentus and a few other officials from the court.

" Your Highness, I come bearing the order of His Majesty" said Mentus, looking right in my eye. I could feel the anger and confusion flooding in his mind but I was surprised because unlike my Sese as he was not completely sure of the situation. " His Majesty had ordered for a room to be arranged in the harem as he does not want your presence in his chambers any longer. If you would be allowed to enter his chambers ,the guards at the entrance will have to pay for their mistakes with their very lives. You are also ordered to stay away from the his Majesty's private garden. Your Highness , His Majesty wants you to be present at the court for an official settlement. You are advised to wear your royal robe as you attend the court manners."

"I'll be there."

" Firu will show you to your new chamber. Have a pleasant day , your Highness" said Mentus as he walked away with his head held high.

I was then guided through the harem corridors towards my assigned room. The previous room that I used before I was conferred the title "Great Royal Wife" was already in use by another consort. As I was walking into the harem I saw many curious heads were turning to get a glimpse of the sudden happenings and I even heard many whispering about why the Pharaoh kicked me out of his chambers. I slowly entered my new chambers and noticed that it was one of the smallest rooms provided for consorts who are of no importance to the Pharaoh. My heart sank at the thought that Sese didn't want me near him anymore but I knew that I cannot express my emotions and insecurities in front of the other consorts who would love to pounce on me as a pack of hungry wolves. I walked around the room and noticed that almost all my belongings has been transferred in. I went to bed with tears rolling down my cheek as I knew what I had to anticipate at the court tomorrow.

 I went to bed with tears rolling down my cheek as I knew what I had to anticipate at the court tomorrow

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Two officials were standing at the entrance of my room to take me with them to the court. I knew that this was probably the last time that I would be  dressed as the "Great Royal Wife", So I dressed in the finest white satin gown that I owned and dressed up with the best Jewelry that I possessed and wore the crown that was given to me with the title.  I looked at myself in the bowl of water that was placed in a corner of my room and approved the reflection of my look. I knew today would be the last time that I might ever get to see Sese.

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