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"Oh hey, guys! What's up!"

Lee Taeyong, a graduating veterinary student, and is popular among the students in the university. He isn't some kind of a jock or an attention seeker, he is unbelievably very kind, quiet and shy. He doesn't brag anything about him even if he has many recognitions from the past years.

"You going to your class?" Doyoung, the geek, asked.

"Yeah, you coming?"

Doyoung nodded, "You coming with us, Jungwoo?"

"Oh, I got to meet with Lucas," Jungwoo timidly smiled at them.

The two just shrugged and waved at their friend. They walked the way to where their building is. Students were scattered at the field and hallways, kinda like every school is.

"Oh, cute!" Doyoung exclaimed.

Taeyong looked and saw Doyoung petting a dog that was seated under the tree. He walked closer and squatted. His eyebrows furrowed and held the paw of the dog.

"He's injured," Taeyong said, "Stay with him for a while, Doyoung."

"Where are you going?"

Taeyong started to run, "Getting the aid in my locker!"

The boy runs as fast as he can to get to where his locker is. As soon as he arrived, he unlocked it and gets the aid inside his locker. He runs back then immediately put on some bandage on the dog's injured paw.

"Does it hurt, bud?" Taeyong cooed while he carefully puts on the bandage.

The dog just whined while he lays down on the grass. Taeyong smiled and patted the dog's head as soon as he finished. He even gave the animal a treat that was inside his aid. He love dogs.

"Why did you get a cat if you love dogs?" Doyoung asked with a confused face.

Taeyong shrugged, "Cats are my spirit animals."

"Hm, you do act like one."

Taeyong and Doyoung had some fun playing with the dog. It was a golden retriever, a big one. The dog was very cute and somehow playful. Well, Taeyong thought the dog's much quiet than any dogs.

"Let's go? We'll be late," Doyoung said. He stood and looked at the time.

Taeyong pouted, "What a cute boy! Alright, I have to leave you."

The dog whined. Almost telling them not to.

"See you next time, bud," the boy said before walking to the building with Doyoung.

The two sat down on their seat while the professor infront was already preparing for the presentation later on. Taeyong was thinking about the dog a while ago. He was worried that the dog might be really suffering from the injury and a bandage won't be enough. Should he find him later? It could be a little impossible.

"Okay, class. Before we continue, I want to talk about your thesis."

Everyone groaned and sighed to hear the word 'thesis' but Taeyong just snapped out of his thought and asked Doyoung what's the professor is talking about.

"I want your thesis to focus on hybrids. What is a hybrid? That would be our topic today."

"A hybrid is basically a human with the ability to change into an animal or have animal parts. Common hybrids are house cats and stray dogs. So, your thesis would be about hybrids. Individually, I want all of you to pass a report by the end of the semester before your graduation. Is that clear?"

The class answered before the professor continued the lesson. Taeyong suddenly became interested on the topic of hybrids. It might be hard to find one but they basically got four months.

"Bye, Taeyong. See you tomorrow!" Doyoung bids.

Taeyong nodded, "See you. Bye, Jungwoo, Lucas."

"Oh, bye, hyung! Be careful on the way!" Jungwoo said and Lucas waved at him.

Taeyong started walking on the empty street on the way to his apartment. His apartment is just a walk away so it's easy to get home. He got used to walking, also he gets to think and get some air.

"Hm, about the thesis..."

Taeyong thought to himself. His mind was occupied with hybrids. It was really fascinating to know things about them. He should find one immediately.

"Arf! Arf!"

The boy got startled and immediately turned to see a dog. A familiar dog that looked like it smiled to him and sat down on the cold concrete cemented floor. Taeyong's eyebrows furrowed as he walked closer and squatted infront.

"Oh, are you golden retriever a whole ago?"


The dog puts his paw on Taeyong's knee which immediately melted the boy's heart. He was in awe and pats the dog's head.

"Hm, seems like you don't have any owner?" Taeyong looked around for collars or tattoos but all he got was a date written inside his right ear and a name on the left.

"Jae? Your name's Jae?" Taeyong asked and immediately got a bark, "Good boy. Hm, your birthday's coming up. Also, your paw is healed."

The dog, named Jae, barked and wiggled his tail. Taeyong immediately became attached and enjoyed being with the dog. He pats the dog's head and cooed at how cute the golden retriever is.

"How 'bout I adopt you?"

The pup barked in excitement and Taeyong chuckled.

"Alright," Taeyong stood, "Let's go, bud?"

The boy walked with the dog beside him. They arrived and introduced Jae his apartment. The dog seemed to be happy to have a new home. Taeyong walked to get his black cat and held his pet in his arms. He returned and lets his pets meet.

"Jae, meet Yong. Yong, meet Jae," Taeyong said.

Jae started at a playful stance, going down and wiggling his tail. But Yong seemed to be scared and hissed at the dog, instead of greeting his new friend. The cat tried scratching the dog but Taeyong stopped him.

"Bad kitty! You should greet your new friend nicely!" Taeyong scolded but the kitty runs away.

The boy just sighed before looking at his new pet.

"You seemed to be hungry? Let's get something to eat," Taeyong said and brought the dog into his small kitchen.

Seemslike Taeyong's going to be more occupied now.

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