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(Changed it a little they are in New York but it's after the Hawaii trip)

Addisons POV

    I'm now in New York laying in the bed for the first night beside my best friend. Or as I see it my crush.

   I don't understand how someone couldn't have a crush on Dixie D'amelio. Everything about her is perfect. To her personality, to her face, to her laugh, (god her laugh). All the way to her breath taking body.

    But I'm not supposed to feel this way about her because she's my best friend. She has been since I met her. I just love being around her.

    Sometimes I think about a world her I came out to everyone and then I told dixie how I felt. She then said she felt the same way and we would almost be like a fairytale. A TikTok fairytale.

    When me and Bryce broke up it was like a moment of relief. But of course just in time Tayler and Dixie started talking. But then another breath of relief. She told me that she didn't even like him and they stopped dating or whatever anyone would call it.

      So I sprawled out on my bed and just smiled because I thought I had a chance.

      Then Griffin came along. 

      I have no reason to hate him. But, I hate him.

      Well actually in my eyes I have so many reasons I hate him. I hate his dumb burnt tweets about Dixie. I  hate his dumb glasses that he thinks make him attractive. I hate him.

       I guess the real reason I hate him so much is he has the one thing I want most. The one thing I would sell everything in the world for. The one thing I wake up every day and immediately think about.


        I don't think he realizes how lucky he is. He gets to wake up and say I'm dating Dixie Damelio. He gets to say Dixies mine. I wish we could trade places. Where I could call Dixie mine. Then pull her against the wall and kiss her nose to flatter her. But I can't do that. Only he can.

      For gods sake I'm just figuring out my sexuality. I know I've been attracted to men but when I look back I always looked at their sisters a lot more.

      I also have no idea if Dixie has any attraction to females. I mean shes talked to me about it once and all the said was I'm confused on my sexually sometimes too when she was talking about hate comments randomly.

     I just want to be the one she thinks about and texts good morning lovely to in the mornings.

      I wake up with my body tangled up in something. I then realize it's a human. It's Dixie. I don't even know how we got in this position. I fell asleep on the other side of the bed.

      Dixie has her arms wrapped around me. I have my head stuffed in her chest. She has her head on top of mine and our legs are tangled together.

       I've always loved cuddling with Dixie. She's adorable when she's sleeping as always and it gives me a minute to just admire her in the mornings.

       Lately Griffins been around more so she's usually cuddled up with him instead of me.

       So I treasure these type of moments. Every New York trip we have taken together we haven't had one of her or my love interests. Well accept for mine being her.

        So we get to spend time together. And though this time to her and just spending time with her friend, it's so much more to me. She makes me feel safe when I'm in the most dangerous position in my life.

      After a moment of admiring her she starts to shuffle and stretch. She then does the cutest yawn I've ever heard. "Like whatcha see?" I immediately start blushing deep red. But I do like what I see, I always have. "You're cute when you blush, morning Addi."

     That comment made me blush even more. "Good morning."

      "Well I need to shower, then we can go get food." She then pulled apart our body's which I swear stabbed me in the heart like a knife. She then grabbed a sweatshirt that I stole, a white crop top, and some black jeans. "I'll see you after i shower addi."

       I then still smelled Dixies scent even though she left because I still had one of her sweatshirts on that I stole.

       While Dixie showered I went ahead and changed and did my makeup. When I was about done I heard a phone and realized it was Dixies. I looked over to see it was from Griffin. He texted, "hey babe wyd up to send pics?"

      I was disgusted. I knew Dixie and that she felt incredibly disgusting sending nudes to people unless she's been dating them for atleast a couple months and it's late at night. That was brought up in one of our old late night rants. I knew I shouldn't of but i send back. "um no sorry I'm eating ttyl."

      I didn't want Dixie to talk to him later. I never wanted her to talk to him again. He texted back something on the lines of, 'hmm what,' but I deleted the notification and muted him.

      About 30 minutes later Dixie got out of the bathroom and went over to me and pulled me into a tight hug. I would of stayed like this for the rest of time. I didn't know why she was doing it but I didn't care.

      "Sorry Addi I just wanted to say I love you." Yea well I love you too. But so much more. Not as a friend or a sister way. As a like way. But of course I didn't say that. "I love you too Dixie."

         I then just made a couple TikTok videos with the usually dixison comments which I adored and I hoped Dixie did too because she even followed some of the ship accounts.

We then went and got Bryant in the other hotel room then went outside and took some photos.

I took every chance I could to hug, touch, or lean on Dixie. She just made me feel safe. When we were done I posted some of the photos of me and Dixie and it was flooded with ship comments. But what got me is what Dixie commented and Griffin commented.

Griffin: what
Dixie: you triggered, she's better then you anyway?

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