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"A Wistful Waltz"
-Teddy Hyde
"Put your hand in mine, dear, give me this dance"

    I internally scolded myself for whatever I had done for William to notice after getting the golden badge back.

      I trailed behind him, shooting a worried look to Audrey, who waved goodbye.

    I sat down across from his desk.

  The look in his eyes was terrifying.
   I made confident eye contact with him, which is harder than I thought because of his piercing blue eyes staring straight into my soul.
"So," I started, not breaking eye contact, crossing my legs.

"What have I done this time?"

Nailed it.

He didn't say anything for a second.

    It looked as if he was trying to look intimidating.

    "I see what you're trying to do." I said.
A small smirk formed on his lips.

   "You're surely observant. That's a good habit to have."

"Just get to the point, what did I do that was sooo bad for me to have to talk to you in private?" I dramatically gestured my hands.

He let out an almost irritated breath of air.

    "I want to get something clear. Don't let anyone touch your uniform unless it's Henry, your mother, or myself."

    I raised an eyebrow.
"There's no way in the deepest, most depressing pits of hell that's the only reason I'm in here." I said.
"It just bothers me." He said, breaking eye contact.

I win.

  "..I'm having a hard time believing you."

His smirk disappeared. It was oddly disturbing seeing him without it.

He stood up from his desk chair.

   My eyes followed him as he moved. My heart sped up a little as he walked to where I was sitting.

Personal space, buddy. Personal space.

  He towered over me. I turned my head uncomfortably, not wanting to look at him.

He took hold of my chin and forced me to look at him.

   "I have authority over you, Y/n. I can get away with a lot here, so I wouldn't pull stunts like that if I were you."

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