Ruby's Baby. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

“NO, NO, NO, IT CAN’T BE!, IT MUST BE WRONG!” Ruby Shouted.

 “But it says positive rube, I know it’s hard to except, but your pregnant babe” Destiny said trying to sound calming.

“NO!, I can’t except something that’s not true!, I have another test I’ll try again”

“Ok ruby, but don’t get your hopes up, there’s still that chance you may be pregnant”

“I know”

Ruby went back into the stall and stayed there for 5 or 6 minutes, she came out crying and hysterical with the second test in her hand, it also said positive. Ruby walked up to destiny dropping the test in the sink and hugging her.

“It will be alright Rube, it will be alright...

The rest of the day she avoided Jason and only talked to Destiny, when people walked up to her and asked what’s wrong Destiny was always the one to answer .When it came to the end of the day Ruby said goodbye to her best friend and walked off , she ignored everyone until Jason came running up.

“Ruby, my babe!, how have you been, I haven’t seen you all day!”

He leaned into kiss her but she just pushed him away.

“Please, don’t touch me Jason”

“Why?, cant I give my own girlfriend a kiss anymore?”

He leaned in for a second time but she just pushed him again.


“Jeez!, what the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“I’m sorry, I’ve got something to tell you, please sit with me?” She said worried, pointing him to the bench.

They both sat down, she grabbed his hand, he looked at her confused but didn’t say a word.

“Jason, I’m not sure how to say this but here goes, you remember the other night in the alley?”

“Yes, how could I forget” He smiled with a cheeky grin.

“Well after when we did ‘it’ I went home had a wonderful sleep and all was fine but the next morning I didn’t feel so good and I had a hunch something may have been produced , so I went to the shop and got some tests and did them this morning”

“Tests? What do you mean tests?, babe?” He said worried, letting go of her hand.

“Well what I’m trying to say is...that I’m...I’m pregnant”

He sat there for a minute in utter shock.

“Jase?, please babe answer me?” She said nearly in tears grabbing his hand.

He shook her hand away but he didn’t look worried or even happy, he looked angry.

“Get the fuck off me, I’m not your babe and I never will be again!” He shouted.

“But Jason...I thought you’d be understanding, this is your child!, I can’t do this alone!” She shouted through her tears

“NO! Don’t talk to me ever again I’m not getting into this shit! , you should have said no the other night! I’m not wrecking my life cause of some baby!”



After shouting this to Ruby he ran off, she tried to catch up with him but he was to fast.

“JASON!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

She broke down and fell to the floor on her knees, crying out for Jason but he didn’t come back. After a while she picked herself up from the lump on the floor and made her way home. When she got in her mum sat her down and asked what had happened?

“Mom, please don’t hate me but, I’m...I’m pregnant” She sobbed

“Oh my god Ruby!, come here baby”

Her mom hugged her tight, Ruby’s mom was the nicest person you could ever meet , she was very understanding.

“Now Ruby , the only reason I’m not on the floor shouting and having a fit right now is because I know what it’s like being a teen and pregnant so would you mind telling me who the father is?” She said calmly.

“Its Ja-Jason” She said stuttering her words.

“Is he ok with being the father?”

“No he said-d he doesn’t give a shit called-d me a s-slag and ran o-off”

“Well don’t worry babe, we’ll get through this together, that little shit of a lad Jason just a Nob and is too immature to be a dad anyway” She said kissing her daughter on the head.

There was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it mom”

“Ok, sweet pea” She said kissing her and walking into the kitchen.

Ruby got up and walked to the door, she opened it and Destiny was standing there breathing heavily, she’d been running.

“HIDE, RU...RUBY!” She shouted

“What?!, why?

“Jason and his gang are coming to beat the shit out of you! He said you’re a lying slag who needs to be taught a lesson for saying it was his baby” She exclaimed.



Destiny slammed the door and ran to her mom.

“Don’t worry I heard it all, right! You and destiny go hide in the downstairs cupboard and lock the door , don’t come out until I say!” She exclaimed.

Destiny and Ruby ran to the cupboard and locked the door. There was a loud Knock at the front door.


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