Chapter 1

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Chapter One

"I'm only working until eight tonight. Jessica wanted to swap her shift." I say as I walk down the pathway from the coffee shop on campus that I practically live at when I'm not working, sleeping or studying in the library.

Grace nods from my side, adjusting the folder she is carrying. Like me, she carries it everywhere, yet that is all she is carrying, while I am also carrying two textbooks and a travel coffee mug.

Grace and I met on the first day of classes in first year, both of us sitting beside each other in the lecture hall and while we didn't talk much until a few weeks later, we kept sitting beside each other in every class and have done so ever since.

I'd always considered myself to be fairly quiet and reserved, but having met Grace, I realise I am not as quiet as her. Sure, when Grace is comfortable with someone, she is bubbly and can talk away to you, but she takes ages to get comfortable with people. The only person I have seen her not be hesitant around is her long term boyfriend, Henry. They have been dating for over two years already and I can't help but smile every time I see them together, seeing the love for each other in their eyes.

Turning forward again, I squint at the sun, which is high in the sky, yet doesn't seem to be changing the chill in the air, meaning everyone is still only wrapped up in jackets, rather than coats.

Thinking about Grace and Henry brings on that stab of jealousy that always hits me when I think about how happy they seem together. However, I remind myself that while I may be somewhat jealous, I can't let myself get distracted.

Rolling my shoulders to try and distract myself, I run my eyes over the busy campus. Catching sight of our reflection in a passing window, I see my own long curvy hair, seeing the sun reflecting off my brown hair. My face is soft looking, my brown eyes wide looking, like always. Always feeling more motivated to study when I'm dressed half-decently, I am wearing skinny jeans and my favourite pair of flat black leather boots with a muted multi-colour jumper, which has clearly been in the wash one too many times, yet it still remains my favourite. Grace, on the other hand, is simply dressed in trainers, jeans and a hoodie with a jacket over it, yet her blonde hair is sitting perfectly in a ponytail and her makeup is subtle yet perfect.

"Isn't that Mike?" Grace asks, dragging my gaze away from our reflection. I glance at her before following her gaze, spotting Mike Harrington heading towards us on the same wide path. He looks as handsome as always, wearing a pair of reasonably skinny jeans, trainers and a snug maroon hoodie.

Mike and I met in the library at the start of the year. He'd just transferred here from NYU. He didn't say much about it other than his family had moved to Carolina Beach, meaning he had to transfer to the University of Charlotte. However, despite the little he's told me, I know his father is Markson Harrington, one of the wealthiest men in the country and owns one of the largest businesses America has to offer, owning a bunch of hotels.

He'd been with his brother, Miles, at the time, both of them seem to be looking around in confusion. I'd been down the aisle they had been standing at the end off, trying to find the book I wanted when Mike had come over and asked in a quiet voice, as to not disturb everyone else, how to work the library system as he couldn't find the book he needed.

I'd helped them both, showing them how to find their books and then showing them how to put them onto their account so they could take them out.

Since that day, about four months ago, I have seen both Mike and Miles in the library a few times. Miles, while smiles and chats to me if we cross paths, is normally with a group of guys and girls, only smiling at me in greeting if we aren't close by. However, Mike isn't often in the library, yet when he is, he plonks himself down beside me and chats for a few minutes before he is told to be quiet and then starts to work.

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