Honey moon (EXTRA)

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Roddy pov

"Let's fuck on the beach" I said as she sat in between my legs sipping her apple juice like it was wine or some shit.

"Boyyy look at all this sand. I'm not tryna catch a yeast infection" she said and I took her juice sitting it on the other beach chair and I made her turn around so that we were face to face making her straddle my lap.

"You look good as fuck right now" I said placing my hand in her white bathing suit and I cupped her breasts.

"You forgot we outside" she said

"You forgot this is private.. nobody here but you and me Dee" I said pulling her body close to me as I laid back on the beach chair and I grabbed on her ass smacking it some.

"No Roddyy" she moaned once I started rubbing circles around her clit and I kissed her as she continued to moan in my mouth.

"Don't say no to me your gonna make me cry" I said removing my hands and she laughed cause that's the type of shit she say.

"Shut up don't make fun of me" she said

"Come make me" I said and she kissed me biting my lip in the process.

"You're doing too much" I said and she got up.

"Where you going?" I questioned

"In the water" she said and she held her hand out for me to grab.

"This place is so beautiful. I high key don't want to leave"  she said and I wrapped my arms around her.

"I miss my fucking son. That lil nigga prolly giving our parents hell" I said and she laughed.

"I miss him too but that's you. He got all that from you" she said and I scrunched up my face.

"How is it my fault I ain't even do shit?" I said

"Cause you be spoiling him and now he think he can everything he want if he throw a tantrum" she said.

"He gon grow out of it. It's not like he can fully talk and tell you what he want so hop off my lil nigga"

"Stop calling him your "lil nigga" that's not cute" she said rolling her eyes.

"I say what I want and who the fuck you rolling your eyes at?" I questioned

"The only person next to me" she said getting out of my grasp.

"What you running away for? Come here" I said and once she came close to me I slapped her ass cheeks hard asf.

"Ouch Roddyyy what the fuck" she said and I ran and she crossed her arms against her chest.

"My bad shorty I ain't mean to do that" I lied walking towards her and she started running and chased me.

"Yeah you did and you play too much" she said once she stopped running to catch her breath with her out of shape ass.

"If you don't hit me I'll carry you to the crib" I said

"Come" she said and I made my way.

"Jump on my back" I said and I carried her to the crib.

"I enjoyed our last day here. Thank you" she said kissing me.

"No problem. I'd do anything for you"  I said and we was just chilling for awhile until both of our phones kept on buzzing interrupting our conversation.

"What the fuck?" I questioned getting heated seeing pictures of me and Dee on the beach.

"Roddy you said that it was private" she said

"That's what the fuck I thought" I told her truthfully as I scrolled the comments.

"That's embarrassing Roddy. How am I supposed to make my way in corporate if my ass and titties is out for the whole fucking world to see?" She questioned.

"How the fuck was I supposed to know some shady ass photographer was gonna be taking pics?"

"I rented this shit private so I don't know how the  pictures was taken" I told her and she rubbed at her eyes and I sighed cause I knew she was tryna keep herself from crying.

"It can never be just us! Everybody is always in our business and I hate it!" She said making her way towards her suitcase putting some more clothes in it.

"You don't think I'm mad too? Don't act like that Dee... don't be mad at me" I said following her as she made her way towards the bathroom.

"I'm not mad... get out tho I have to take a shower"

"I gotta take one too" I said

"No, you don't who watching us. My ass and titties already out for the whole world to see and I don't know why you're not tripping."

"My hand was covering your tit-"

"I DON'T CARE RODDY!" She yelled cutting me off catching me by surprise cause she's usually the calm one and I'm you know... me

"I feel disrespected. It's cool for you cause you're a guy but it's not for me. You don't think I seen those slick comments about my body. I just feel- I don't even know.. you know what never mind can you please just get out" she said going inside the shower and taking her bathing suit off.

"You wasn't done talking so talk your shit Dee" I said opening the glass door to the shower.

"I'm done talking Roddy. I don't wanna go back and forth with you cause it's literally the last day of our honeymoon and I just want to be happy. I'm over it" she said but I knew she was just saying that just to say it but I just dropped it and left the bathroom.

I got on my phone and posted a couple of tweets on Twitter knowing that it'll go viral and I turned off my phone. I wasn't gonna speak on it no more I was gonna let my supporters take it the way they took it.

'I don't tolerate no type of disrespect especially if it's aimed towards someone I love'

'A lot of niggas fall for facades.. all money ain't good money'

Once Dee came out the bathroom I went in so I could shower too and once I came out she had some shorts on and a crop top. She laid on the bed scrolling through her phone and I sat next to her.

"I get what you mean you don't gotta explain it to me no more" I said and she looked me over.

"So we good?" I questioned

"Yeah we will always be good" she said.

"That's what I like to hear.. but on another note. You wanna give me a back massage cause my back hurt"

"Lay down" she said and I smiled knowing what it would lead to.
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Shout out to the reader who helped me pick ASAP @baddie-leilani 💙

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