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The next days, BTS and TWICE wasn't able to see each other for busy schedules. They are still protected when going out especially BTS who are going to music shows, they won awards and released the official music video of ON. While TWICE is also busy at JYP for future activities, they are also supporting ITZY which they are having another comeback.

TWICE are worried of what's happening to Korea because of the spread of a disease that could kill everyone, there are also cases where a lot of people already died because of it. Tzuyu already donated a help to Korea which netizens criticized for she is a taiwanese and it is still part of china yet she helped Korea first, she also donated on the said country to be fair. Fans are demanding from the netizens to apologize to her because she's just helping, it's not just for Korea but for everyone to cure all the infected people.

Few days after, Dahyun and Nayeon decided to donate too. Dahyun donated with the help of Junmyeon, they met. Because Dahyun wanted to help just for a small amount for her, she called for a help from her cousin, Suho.

"Thank you, Junmyeon oppa. I missed you, how are you?" She asked.

"You really have a good heart, you called me on the right time. I was really planning on giving some help." He said. "I am fine, still doing good. How about you? Of course I missed you too, you're like my little sister. I will be enlisting anytime soon, I heard Jin too? I wish I could finish early to look after you while he's gone."

"You're very thoughtful, thank you oppa. It's okay, there's still TWICE and Jisoo eonni." Dahyun grinned. They got to SM and saw Irene going out. "Irene eonni!" Dahyun waved her hand.

"Oh, hey. You're here, Suho." Irene smiled lightly, Suho did the same.

"Oh, by the way. I remembered, how's the cupscakes I made, oppa? Did you share it with other EXO members? I'm really nervous of that but it turned out good I guess, for most people..."

"Oh, yeah. I got it from Irene, yeah. The taste was good, I always go to your restaurant for it." Suho said.


"Your staffs know that I am going there but I just asked them to keep quiet and not letting Jin know. I know news are there, I am lucky that Jin is busy to look at them, maybe."

"I gotta go, Dahyun. Let's meet some other time, I'll visit Wendy at the hospital." Irene said.

"Oh, eonni. How is she??? Is she okay?" Dahyun asked.

"She is, she will be discharged today. She's okay." Irene smiled.

"Thank goodness, eonni. Take care, hmm?" Dahyu. smiled.

"I will, thank you." Irene bowed at them before leaving.

"I'll take you to JYP? Where are you heading? Home? Dorm?" Suho asked.

"Ah, no need. I will be commuting."

"It's dangerous to be going out seing people, we don't know who's infected with the virus or not."

"I know, I will just call for our manager to pick me up, I guess. I don't want to worry you and waste your time, EXO fighting!" Dahyun chuckled.

"It's no waste of time for my cousin. Well, okay. I won't be insisting and I am letting you call your manager, but I will be waiting here until your service arrived." He said.

"Okay, oppa."

After few minutes, TWICE van arrived.

"There you go, take care, hmm?" Suho said.

"I will, you too oppa. Thank you." Dahyun smiled and get inside.


Dahyun knows where the van is heading so she's just browsing on her phone not receiving any messages and notifications from her boyfriend or anyone but to their accounts which fans are hoping that they could be noticed by them, but there are so many of them and they can't interact with them all.

"Do you want to go somewhere?" The driver asked.

"Uh, no sir." Dahyun smiled and shook her head. "It's better to be safe." She said.

"Yeah, miss Kim. We are safe." The driver said. Dahyun wonder how is her brother doing after they are not able to see and talk to each other because of busy schedules.

"Hey, oppa. I watched your music video, I love it. How are you?"

She messaged, she never thought Jin would reply to her very quick.

"Lol, thanks. I am doing good, are you not busy? Come here in BigHit. We just got here after the music show."
-Seokjin oppa

"Uhh..." The driver looked at her from the mirror. "Uh, sir... Can we drop by to bighit?" Dahyun asked feeling shy.

"Sure, ma'am." He said and drove. Dahyun haven't seen Jin and Jungkook for 3 days, she knows they are busy and she's glad Jungkook focuses on the group. It feels like it's her first time she's going there, she also wonder if GFriend is there.

She got off the van and looked at the building.

"Dahyun, eonni???" She got startled when she looked straight seeing Eonjin with another boy from the entrance, Taehyung's sister.

"Eonjin? Hey." Dahyun approached her and gave her a hug. "Are you visiting your big brother?" Dahyun asked. "Who's this boy with you?" The boy is staring at her, he looked star strucked.

"Here with me is Jeongyu. He's also our brother. We are waiting for Taehyung oppa." Eonjin said and frowned.

"Hi, Jeongyu. Nice to meet you, you're adorable like your sister." Dahyun grinned and noticed Eonjin being sad. "Why?" Dahyun asked lifting her chin up.

"Others said Taehyung oppa left for something, everyone ignores me." She looked down.

"Hey, that's not true. Everyone is just doing things or maybe thinking of something else that's why, who are you with, the both of you?" Dahyun asked.

"Mom, but she said she's going to pick us up after this stick goes to this center." Eonjin said while looking at the watch attached to her wrist, she's talking about the small hand of the lock if pointed to number 6. It means Taehyung's mom will pick Eonjin and Jeongyu at 6 pm, and it's already 5. "Jeongyu is only the one enjoying as everyone inside likes him because he's a boy." Eonjin added.

"That's not true, Jimin hyung is finding you that's why I followed you here." Jeongyu speaks. "You're pretty, noona." He said to Dahyun.

"Oh thank you. They didn't tell you when is V sunbaenim coming back?" Eonjin shook her head. "Come with me, don't stay here outside. You'll get lost." Dahyun opened her arms for Eonjin and lifted her up to carry her going inside. "Don't worry, we'll wait for your mom until she gets here. Your brother will also be back, don't be sad." Dahyun smiled, Dahyun told Jeongyu to follow inside.

"Eonjin-ah!" Dahyun turned around while holding Eonjin, it's Jimin. He ran going to them.

"Jimin hyung!" Jeongyu waved his hand to him.


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