Chapter 26~He needs to know

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Jisung and Minho walked to school together, Younghyun thought it was okay since they'll be seperated after graduation.

Jisung and Minho thought no drama will be involved today since WooJin and Chan are happy, Changbin and Felix are happy, and JeongIn and HyunJin are happy, well that's what he thought.

They arrived at school, and the first person who came up to them was JeongIn.

JeongIn looked like he cried and didn't sleep well, Jisung was worried because usually JeongIn is always healthy, he eats well and always has a nice sleep.

But today was different.

"JeongIn, what happened to you?" Jisung asked worried, Minho also looked worried for JeongIn.

JeongIn just stayed quiet, he was too afraid to tell Jisung.

He was gonna tell him, that's why he went up to Jisung, but he still wasn't ready to tell him.

"Nothing hyung, I'm fine" JeongIn said and walked away, Jisung was curious why JeongIn was acting like that "What's wrong with him? He's usually not like that" Minho said "Let's follow him, he can't keep secrets from me" Jisung said and the two followed JeongIn to his destination.

They followed JeongIn, and JeongIn didn't notice them even once, they were lucky. They stopped at JeongIn's destin
0ation, where they found JeongIn and Seungmin in the same room.

"Did you tell them?" Seungmin asked and JeongIn shocked his head "I can't hyung, I can't do it..." JeongIn said, he was about to cry again.

"JeongIn, Jisung needs to know, that way you could get away from HyunJin" Seungmin said and Jisung was shocked, he didn't know if he heard it wrong or he heard it right.

JeongIn just started crying and Seungmin comforted him by putting his head on his chest, putting him in a hug.

"I heard everything" Jisung said walking in, Seungmin and JeongIn looked at him and Minho who were staring at them "JeongIn, what did HyunJin do?" Jisung asked and JeongIn still couldn't tell him "Come on tell him, I'm here" Seungmin said and JeongIn took a deep breath and explained everything about last night.

"How dare he!" Jisung yelled, Minho tried to calm him down "I need to find that Hwang HyunJin right now!" Jisung yelled "Jisung, there's a better idea besides having a fight with HyunJin, JeongIn and HyunJin can just break up" Seungmin said and Jisung just agreed.



JeongIn went to find for HyunJin, he might be hanging out with HyeongJun again, and he was right.

While HyunJin and HyeongJun were talking and being sweet with each other, JeongIn stand in front of them and yelled at HyunJin.

"HyunJin, I'm breaking up with you!"

After that JeongIn ran away and started crying.

Jisung, Minho, and Seungmin saw what JeongIn did and JeongIn cried in Seungmin's arms "Its okay JeongIn" Seungmin said and hugged him.

"Seungmin" Jisung said and Seungmin looked at him "Will you take care of JeongIn?" Jisung asked and Seungmin nodded "If he is ready" Seungmin said while looking at JeongIn in his arms.

"I'm here for you, don't worry" Seungmin said and hugged JeongIn tightly, that way he knows he is safe with Seungmin.

After that Jisung and Minho left, Minho thought about what's been happening ever since he started dating Jisung.

Everything was going bad, Jisung will be moving soon, Jisung and Younghyun had a fight and HyunJin and JeongIn broke up.

Minho thought it was his fault.

"Hey what's wrong?" Jisung asked "Did you notice bad things happen ever since we started dating?" Minho asked and Jisung thought about it and nodded "But, the good thing that happened is you" Jisung said and Minho smiled and cheered up "You were the good thing that happened, you made sure I was safe" Jisung said and hugged Minho, Minho hugged him back. I'm not too active...this chapter was just a this and that and I am a HyunIn and SeungIn shipper, I am very sorry that HyunJin and JeongIn broke up, I just felt bad for Seungmin, but in the end HyunJin will also have a nice love story.

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