Rules and Regulations for this Award.

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Sorry for the delay, here are the rules and regulations for this award. You have to follow all of them.

1) Follow RevatiGajbhiye (Admin)

2) No bribing is allowed.

3) If you want to participate in this award. For the Short story, you must have at least 3 chapters and for other genres at least 7 chapters.

4) The story must be your original work, No copying of other original works. If we saw that the story is a copy of other original work, that story will be disqualified.

5) No abusing the other participants and judges.

6) Put this book in your public reading list.

7) Give a Shout out of this book on your message board.

8) The story must be in English.

9) You are allowed to enter only two books.

I hope that you guys understood the rules for this competition. If any of the participants didn't follow any of the rules, their book will be disqualified.

I hope you all will solemnly go through these rules and strictly abide all. As we don't want our dear participants to face any of the worst consequences.

Thank you. ❤

Admin (Revati) RevatiGajbhiye

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