Chapter 10

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I walked into my room and closed the door behind me. I took my backpack off of my shoulders and threw it across the room. I felt the tears sneaking from my eyes. I grabbed a loose canvas and my paint brushes, I picked the color red and began to paint. 20 minutes later I had a new painting infront of me and my whole mood changed. I couldnt really tell what I had painted, I was shocked by the emotion and meaning behind it all. I had no idea why I was so stressed out. I took a step back, and looked at it, I looked at all my paintings, some were happy, some were sad, but this one, it was so full of hate. It scared me.

"Hey I was thinking for dinner I could just order some pizza." I heard my brother say.

"Yeah, that will be fine." I said turning around.

"Woah did you just paint this?" He asked pointing and walking forward to the painting infront of me.

"Yeah." I said

"Holy shit Alexa, this is sick!" He said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah! It looks like some monster! No! You know what it looks like?" He said, he walked out of my room quickly, I was left standing their alone in my room.

"It looks like this." His voice grew louder as he walked back into my room.

It was a old backpack he had, he had drawn all over it, he showed me a little section, I held it up to my face and looked back and forth at the drawing and the painting I did. It was some type of cat, with its tongue out, I really couldn't explain it, but it was very cartoonist.

"Oh yeah." I said. "It does look like that." I said handing it back to him.

Then it kinda got silent for a second. I was looking at my paintings, and also thinking of why I was mad in the first place. I really dont know why, but today wasnt my day. I was late to school and everything and everyone seem to put me in a bad mood. Matt barely talked to me today, the only time we were alone was durning lunch, and even then it was a little bit awkward.

"Hey, one more thing." My brother said coming back into my room. "Do you wanna invite Matt over for pizza?"

"Uh." I hesitated "Yeah." I said quick. "Yeah, I'll call him right now."

I sate on the middle of the bed and pulled out my phone, I called Matt and held the phone to my ear, I started spacing out as the ringing got louder in my ear.


"What?" I said. "Oh, hey babe. Sorry I like spaced out. I was wondering if you wanted to come over for some pizza." I said quickly.

I heard as his voice traveled threw his phone into mine. "Yeah baby that sounds good."

"Ok, when do you think you'll be here?" I asked.

"In about 15 or 20 minutes." He said.

"Okay sounds good." I said.

"Okay bye, I love you." He said.

And I hung up.

"Fuck!" I said holding my phone.

Then I started to laugh, Matt never told me he loved me and the one time he did I didnt say it back. But then I started to get worried, maybe he would get mad that I didnt say it back. I laid back in bed for a while, just thinking of everything. Matt, school, my family. I tend to over think very often, I got up and looked in the mirror. My hair was a mess and I still was wearing the clothes I wore to school. I took the my hair out of the bun I was wearing and began to take off my clothes, I found a pair of nike sweats and I found a sweater of mine in my closet. I put on my clothes and then I started to feel more relax. I grabbed my charger and began to go down the stairs.

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