part 2

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This plane ride is insane. 13+ hours. It suddenly reminded me that while I loved opening new restaurants, it was definitely not something I wanted to do anymore. Moving back to Korea and opening this restaurant would be my last endeavor in the culinary world.

In a few moments the private jet would be landed and we would be shuttled off to the house that PD nim had offered to Jiwoo and I. I remove my headphones as I notice Jiwoo motioning towards me like she was speaking to me.

"Y/n do you ever listen to me at all?"

"Jiwoo, you're pretty much my manager at this point, when am I allowed to not listen to you?"

"Well, now that you've said it, I didn't want to tell anybody I was your manager but if you insist, then I won't say no," Jiwoo teased.

"You're so silly. Maybe you can call yourself my stylist. That's about my limit," I tease back.

"Stylist. Hm. I'll take it," Jiwoo laughed. "Anyway, we're landing soon! I'm so excited. Did your movers manage to get the place set up?"

I check my phone. The text messages from my secretary in Seoul show that the movers were done and the interior designers were already working on the vision I had. Unfortunately, I would have to stay at the house for at least a month since I was having the entire kitchen and dining area redone to my tastes. I would later buy a home, but wanted to make sure my loft near the restaurant would be to my liking until I found the perfect home.

"Yeah, they did. All my stuff is there- the loft is still intact, but not for long. They start renovation tomorrow. My clothes and stuff should be arriving at the house before we do, hopefully."

I look out the window. The pilot announces we should get into their seats. Jiwoo and I were the only ones on the plane besides the pilot and one stewardess.

We would be landing shortly in Seoul.

Soon, I would be home forever, but Seoul was a place full of remorse, sadness, and embarrassment for me.

I hoped that after being away for many years, I would be able to come back home without being reminded of why I left. Hopefully the whispers had died down. Surely they had. It had been years since my ex and I broke up.

It was hard being in the limelight, because our relationship always haunted me despite my own achievements. Like how my parents fame and wealth preceded me previously, now it was my very public break up with my ex.

We were meant to be. That's what everybody always said, at least.

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