Living Again~ Twenty-Four

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Brianna's POV!

I grabbed my purse and headed down the street to Ethan's house. I have no idea what's going on in this boy's head. I was pretty out of it last night so I simply agreed  to go through with his plan but now I think I need to open his eyes to what Marissa would go through when she finds out she's lost him. He's such an idiot. Maybe he was drunk but I doubt it, he sounded pretty serious.

I barged into his  bedroom. It was obvious the noise I made had just woken up as his hair was a mess and he was still in last night's clothes. I sighed, boys.

"You could have at least knocked!" He yelled out from his bed  where he was laying.

"Whatever. We need  to talk."

"Dude, I need sleep. Go away."

I rolled  my eyes and pulled off his blanket, "We need to talk and we need  to talk right now. It's about Marissa."

He got up immediately. If I wasn't so annoyed at him I would have thought how much he loved her was completely adorable! But then again, he's an idiot. 

I sat on his bed opposite him and began saying what was on my mind, "I don't think your plan is  going to work. She loves  you a lot, and knowing her, she'll probably think you broke up with her because you don't think she's good enough." He was  about to say something but I cut him off, "Do you really  think that your little plan will work? She's probably going to hate you for playing with her. You keep saying she needs to find herself but you don't get it. You are the one person in her life who she loves and trusts, if you let her go she's going to crumble. You can't do that to her. I won't let you."

I looked at him and he seemed to be fighting off tears. I was shocked. I have known Ethan almost all my life and I've never seen him cry, never. I  went over immediately and hugged him, it was weird, he had always been the one holding me while I cried over boys or whatever, it was never the other way around. He must really care about her.

After a while he finally managed  to say, "I know. I'm an idiot. I can't help it. I don't know what to do Brianna! Every morning as soon as I leave my room I'm reminded of what a loser I am by that mother of mine. And every night after dinner she reminds me of all the reasons my future is doomed. I know I shouldn't let her get to me, she's just a cynical bitch but I can't help it. I feel like.."

"like you're not good enough for Marissa?" I finished for him. He nodded. I sighed and took his hand, "You really need to get over your insecurities. You both deserve each other. I wish I could do a spell to make you both realise that!"

Yes, I was frustrated. Marissa thought Ethan was so perfect she didn't deserve him and here is Ethan telling me that Marissa needs someone better than him. 

"You're right, my plan was stupid. But I really don't know what to do. I feel as if there's something else about her. You know, when I told her we were going to the party her body froze and she suddenly looked so nervous."

"Wait, what? You mean.. you think there's something else she hasn't told anyone? Maybe she's just not a social person, she might now like parties and stuff. Anyways, forget about that for now, I'll ask her about it later. Back to your plan, it's off, we're not doing that."

He ran a hand through his hair in a frustrated manner. I really pitied the guy. His voice cracked as he practically begged, "What do we do Bri?"

I thought about it for a while and said, "Ok here's what I think. Tell her the truth. Tell her you want to be just friends with her for a while and take things slowly. Tell her why you're doing this, that you want to give her time to catch up with her old friends and relatives instead of stealing all her time. You want to help her adjust her old and new life so she knows where her future is heading. By the way, how do even know she needs to catch up with her relatives?"

"Claire, her aunt, told me about her grandparents. She said Marissa used to be really close with them until the accident. After that she just lost contact with them and the rest of her extended family, like cousins and stuff. She used to be a very family person or something, but now she just avoids all of them. Claire said I'm the only person she'll listen to so she was begging me to ask Marissa to reconsider talking  to her family."

"Oh, I see. Ok so let me get this straight, you were just coming up with this plan because you wanted Marissa to get in touch with her family too instead of spending all her time with you because you think she's too good for you?"

He nodded then said, "but obviously my plan was stupid, I like yours better. I should just tell her the truth."

"Yes you should dummy! When are you planning to do it?"

"I promised to spend time with Casey today, so I guess it'll just have to be tomorrow in school."

"Cool. I'm gonna go visit Marissa and see what's on her mind. I might even ask about the whole party thing. I'll fill you in later. See you tomorrow in school!"

He waved then pulled the blanket over his head. I laughed, he must have been really tired. 

As I parked my car in the garage and got out, my phone rang. It was Tyler. Shit, last night ran through my head. I was a little tipsy as I asked him to dance with me. Then he dropped me home because he didn't want me to drive in my condition. Then I kissed him. Shit.

I answered the phone reluctantly.

"Hey Bri." He said casually. Maybe he didn't remember! Oh who am I kidding? I was the one who was drunk.

"Um.. hi."

"You remember last night i dropped you home right?"

"Um.. yeah?"

"So you owe me for that right?"

"Uh.. I guess so? What do you want?" Where was this going?

"I want you to go out for dinner tomorrow night. With me."

Shit. What am I supposed to say? Then I remembered how amazing last night felt, to be so close to him, I felt safe. I smiled. "Sure. See you tomorrow in school."

I grinned like an idiot and the first thing I did was text Ethan about it. It would be interesting to see his reaction, his two best friends going out.

Speaking of Ethan, I really need to go see Marissa.

I smsed her quickly:

Hey! Mind if I come over this afternoon?!


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