Chapter 8 (P1): All About Dad

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Na Mi's POV

I woke up at around 4 am in the morning because I can't sleep well from remembering the agreement made yesterday. And it is still early to prepare for school so I decided to jog around the park nearby.

And so I wore my sweatpants and my jacket to warm me from the breezy morning breeze. But before that I wrote a note saying that I went out for jogging in case they'll be looking for me. So I went out of my house and start jogging.

I sat down to one of the benches and breathed in the fresh air that's blowing in the place which made me relax from jogging. What a nice place to stay in. But moments later an old lady came near me.

"Hello dear," The old woman exclaimed.

"Oh, hi!" I answered. It was silent for awhile then she spoke.

"Do you somehow believe in palmistry?" She asked out of the blue. Palmistry? Sometimes.

"Hmm. Sometimes only if it convince me that it's real. It depends." I answered.

"Why? Do you do palmistry?" I asked.

"Yes dear, so do you want me to see what will be your future?" She offered. I'm not ready when it comes to this. Maybe the outcome might be positive or maybe negative. That's what I don't like when it comes to future reading. Sometimes they aren't real, sometimes they are that's why sometimes I also believe them. So I handed out my right hand as what she said and read it.

"Hmm. My dear," She paused with what she's going to say. I feel that it's a bad news for me.

"You should not let emotions or feelings control over you especially when you're angry and hurt because you say everything you wanted to say without knowing that that person is hurting or maybe without knowing the whole reason in which you, yourself should avoid to do so because if this happens you might lose someone important to you." She added. After she said those things, the hair on my arms started to stand up which crept me from what she said. But wait did I hear her say lose someone when I'm not able to control my own feelings? Since when did my emotions over-controlled me?

"Oh, ok..." I gave her a weird smile and she stood up and started walking away. I still can't get over with what she said but I still have a last question to ask but when I turned my back she was gone in an instant.

"Where'd she go? She was just walking for more or less than 3 seconds and now she's gone." Ok... that's weird. So I just left the place and jog going home. While I was on my way home I saw dad talking to someone on the phone. It seems like a serious talk and I wonder who it was. So I jogged faster to catch up his pace and so I was able to reach him.

"Hey dad!, what are you doing here so early?" He was startled a little, maybe he was aware that I was at home.

"Oh, NaMi-ahh, I was just jogging around the neighborhood and why are you up so early?" He asked the same question as mine.

"Hmm. Nothing, I can't really sleep so I woke up early than usual." I beamed to him and gave him my daddy-daughter hug tightly. I really want to hug him for no reason.

"Hey, I can't breathe. I'm old already you know?" He said with his tone like 'obviously'.

"By the way dad, did you go to the doctor for a check-up?" I asked out of the blue. I'm just curious of how he was doing since I knew that his cancer in his lungs is getting worse. At first I really wanted to stop studying so I would be able to take care of my dad but he forced and insisted that I should go to school because it can bring good to me and my family, if I wouldn't...he threatens us that he wouldn't take his medicines and try to kill himself. Scary right? I know that it's he's not going to do it but I don't really have a choice but to help him by studying really hard and achieving his dream.

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