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"I'M NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP OR ANYTHING BUT LIKE I GIVE PRETTY GOOD ADVICE." Wanda openly suggested to Steve, who had blabbered on to her about Nancy. She felt pity for him, he was clearly in love with her.

"Like it's obvious that she hates me as a boyfriend, I was an-"

"Ass last year? Yeah, you definitely were." Wanda snickered at the helpless boy. "But that doesn't mean you haven't changed." She needed to consult him on his opinion on himself. He clearly had some type of self loathe and it wasn't healthy.

"I was going to say idiot." Steve butted in.

"Hun, I'm just being truthful," Wanda smirked at the boy. She could tell she was getting on his nerves through the thoughts caging his mind. Steve's pout was cute to stare at. His eyes held depth and emotion.

"Well it hurts," Steve muttered at the girl.

"Truth hurts." Wanda snarked back. She paused, looking directly into Steve's eyes. "I know what you did. I know that you hurt her." She eerily stared into his eyes.  Steve gulped as Wanda's eyes turned an intense scarlet hue.

''Does that,'' he paused, pointing to her eye. ''happen often?'' He didn't want to offend her but at the moment that was all he was capable of doing. Sure, he liked her and all, but she was intimidating and scary and he didn't like it.

''Only when I'm pissed.'' Wanda bit back as she glared harder at him. He saw what he had done, what he caused and it made her angry. How could he? Sure, he did a lot of things he regretted but he was trying to change.

''What do you know?'' He enquired as he stared deeply into the brown-haired beauty.

Wanda paused, deciding on what to say. ''More than you,'' she passed him his keys and walked out the door.

''Hey, what do you mean?'' Steve yelled running after her. The girl had already climbed into the front seat of the car and was rolling the window down.

''Get in loser! We're picking up your apology present!'' Wanda pulled down a draw and saw a pair of sunglasses and put them on. ''I dibs having these by the way.''

From that moment on, from whatever intuition Steve had at the heat of the moment, he knew that he was trapped with a life with  Wanda Maximoff.

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