51) "Sweet Saturday" Ⓡ

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**Warning. The following content is extremely cute.**

"As long as you lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo love me" You sang carelessly and danced around in the kitchen, making some delicious breakfast. Cooking wasn't something you enjoyed doing, but you slowly took interest in that subject. That is exactly why you're amazing at it, Justin thinks your cooking is better than those of fancy restaurants. It was a Saturday morning, and the Sun was bright enough to make everyone's eyes go blind. 

You rapped along with Big Sean, tossing and turning the pans to the rhythm.

Man now we stepping out like, "Whoa" (Oh God)
Cameras point and shoot (Shoot)
Ask me what's my best side, I stand back and point at you
You, you the one that I argue with, I feel like I need a new girl to be bothered with,
But the grass ain't always greener on the other side,
It's green where you water it
So I know we got issues baby true, true, true,
But I'd rather work on this with you
Than to go ahead and start with someone new
As long as you love me.

Suddenly you heard someone clapping. You turned back to find Justin, stand in front of you holding your 1 year old son. Not to mention, he stood there shirtless, wearing just a pair of trousers. You were embarassed, and looked at the pans in front of you, blushing and turning a dark shade of crimson. "Mommy is blushing, look.." He said in a baby tone to your son, as he took his hand and waved it towards you. 

"Zip it Biebs" You said, holding your hand to your mouth, pretending to zip your lips. He chuckled, as he walked closer to you, holding your baby in one hand, and holding your waist with the other hand. He hid his face in the crook of your neck, from behind, and took a deep breath. "Whatcha makin'?" He asked you, without lifting his head. "Food, Justin!" You said, and giggled. He chuckled along with you. 

"Done!" You said, as you finished plating the food. "Woohoo! Food!" Justin cheered in a baby tone again, as he moved for you to place the food on the table. Justin sat your son on the dining table, as he sat down on the chair. 

You took Y/s/n, and sat him on your lap, and watched Justin take a bite. His eyes widened, and he stopped chewing. You thought the food was bad, and you asked him "Oh my gosh, did I forget the salt?" and He nodded 'No'. "Then whaaaaaat?" You asked him. "IT TASTES SO FUCKING AMAZING" He almost yelled, stuffing the food you cooked, into his mouth. "Whoa!" You said, and closed your son's ears. "Sowwwwy" Justin whispered, and chuckled. You blushed, and giggled at his words. "You know what babe? You should start your own restaurant!" He said. "Oh, I'm good. I have no intentions of killing innocent people, Justin." You said.

"Y/n, are you gonna feed him?" He asked you, with his mouth full. "I guess, since Mr.Y/s/n has milk allergy.." You said, kissing his forehead. Breast feeding wasn't easy, it was freaky and kind of scary, but Y/s/n has milk allergy. The doctors said it was good for him if you breast-fed him, for the next 1 month. You took his hand, and waved at Justin as you said "I'll be right back daddy" in a baby voice. You got up, and went inside your room. Its not like you didn't want to feed him in front of Justin, but he thinks you need your space, and it'll be funny if you do it in front of him. 

You stepped out of the room as soon as you were done, and saw Justin sitting on the couch watching TV. Y/s/n was crying, squirming in your arms. You tried pacifying him, it didn't work. "Why is he crying?" Justin asked you, scooting closer to you.

"He won't stop crying ever since I took him into the room." You breathed out, as you gave him to your husband. A few seconds later, he stopped. You were staring at Justin, wondering how he stopped Y/s/n from crying anymore. "He's a daddy's boy." Justin whispered, and winked at you. "Yeah yeah" you whispered. 

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