02:: life scarring things & feelings

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"He got a penthouse room? The fuck? This is why I hate privileged bitches," Seokjin grumbled, adjusting his hold beneath one of Taehyung's boxes as the two walked their way to the other side of the male dorms.

"It's only for four months," Taehyung tried to change the topic seeing that anyone could hear them right now, but deep down, he couldn't help but agree with him.

After their first meeting, it only worsened the feeling in Taehyung's gut. Sure, he was used to being called 'ugly' to his face— people were mean, and there was no changing that. But just because he was used to it doesn't mean it didn't hurt. It stung.

He was a person, and although Jeongguk was one too (somehow), the guy needed a real lesson on how to show at least some basic human decency.

"So? Just 'coz his daddy is the headmaster doesn't mean he can walk away with these things," Jin said.

"Well he doesn't," Taehyung chuckled uneasily. The older glanced at him, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"You know how Jeongguk plays volleyball, right?"

"Yeah, he's one of those 'irl' Haikyuu guys. He's basically living the dream of any anime weeb," Jin nodded, brows furrowing.

"His dad threatened to withhold all of his college applications if he didn't become a better person," He said, spilling the tea. Jin literally gasped.

"Damn, I didn't think Jeon Senior had that in him," He muttered. "Didn't think Jeon would be a pussy unless you threaten him right."

"Who said I was gonna threaten him?" Taehyung's nose crinkled, his glasses frames falling a little off the bridge.

"Nobody. You can't even kill a bug without crying to Hoseok to let it live."

"Shut up." The two of them turned a corner into the A-dorms, and right off the bat, Taehyung knew they were in the better side of the boys' dormitory.

It was bigger and aesthetically pleasing, and much more private. It looked fresh out of those idealized college catalogues that make the campus look one hundred times better compared to where Taehyung stayed with Hoseok and Jin.

There was always some sort of weird shit going down in their part of the dormitory. Their dorms were somewhat crowded, and most of time very loud due to neighbors drinking alcohol at unrealistic times of the night, or people having a fun time getting freaky in the sheets (apparently jerking off wasn't enough).

One day there would be someone streaking butt naked for some stupid dare, or another breezing by on their electric scooter shouting 'zoom' to the top of their lungs. He swore people in this boarding school were on hardcore drugs at this point.

They were all supposed to be 'smart' and 'proper', but by now, all of that was pretty much shoved out the window.

"I wonder who else gets these rooms," Jin surveyed the hallway, slight bitterness tinting his tone. The younger of the duo shrugged and continued down to where Jeongguk's room was.

It was at the end of the hallway. The nearest rooms were a couple feet away, giving the utmost privacy for every occupant. If there was this much space, the walls had to be sound-proof, too.

Taehyung gulped, unable to fight the chill prickling at his skin, forcing the hairs on his arms to stand. He knew nothing about Jeongguk except that he had sex with people like a bunny in heat.

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