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Hello hello!
Here I just want to say a couple things real quick.

Hello hello!Here I just want to say a couple things real quick

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•None of these characters are mine! (They're Koyoharu Gotouge's.)

•This book might contain some spoilers for the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime and manga.

•Some major NSFW/18+ content.😌

•Some sensitive content like death and murder might be mentioned.😔


• Gore
• Vore
• Anything involved with human waste
(If I'm uncomfortable in writing something you requested that isn't on this list, I'll inform you. Thanks for understanding ^^)


• Character x male! readers
• Ships
• Non-con
• Underaged sex

That's all!

Oh, I almost forgot! Most importantly,

(Make sure to check in the book description if the requests are open or not! Or you can check the two paragraphs below this one. If one of the paragraphs below is underlined, then it's the applicable one.)

Requests are closed! For now,  I am not taking any requests. Maybe because of piled up pending requests or something else happening irl. Thank you for your patience!^^ I'll try to get back to work asap~

Requests are open! Comment down a character (or more) from KnY; a plot (And give me the details if you want it to be a lemon, fluff, etc); and I'll get to writing! (I'm going to be tagging you in the chapter to notify you unless you tell me not to ^^)

I don't take OC insertions, You can request more than once (not too much doe😣), ask me through the comments or pm me if you have any questions!^^

See ya,

Thank you ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

Kny one shots!!!


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