Chapter 2

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Ya know I hate that there are not more of cole x Billy but its because they ship more of a cole x Gilbert but those two had never had that much chemistry anyways so that's why I ship.

Also cole doesnt live with his old family anymore so he lives with the other people.

Chapter 1 was something before all the fight stuff happened. *explained in the last chapter* smut? Who knows just keep on reading.

Back to the story

     Third P.O.V

     When Cole finally went back to school everyone was shocked, even billy. Anne was the one who convinced him to come back. There was a new teacher instead named, Ms. Stacy.

"Good morning everyone and are you a new student I suppose". Ms. Stacy said.

"My name is Cole (I dont know his last name so I'm gonna make some random one) Smith, I used to go to this school and im back now..."

"Well welcome again Cole Smith, you can sit in that seat over there". Ms.stacy said pointing towards his original seat. It was behind Billy's. Billy had grown a little more muscle and it was very noticeable. Cole blushed a little bit at his defined muscles but it dissapeared right before anyone can catch it.

A few minutes into the class he liked it better with the new teacher rather than the old. (Obviously). He decided t o draw her since he liked drawing (Obviously). Miss Stacy noticed and went up towards his desk. She looked at the drawing and she was stunned.

"Looks like we have ourselves a little artist here dont we"? Miss Stacy said with a pleasant smile.

"It is a very lovely drawing but class is in session now and you'll have time to do that later". Miss stacy said.

"Sorry". Cole said.

"No need to apologize just keep on paying attention to class.....("ok mamm". Cole replied).

Time Skip
It's time for lunch.

     Cole went to go sit with anne and the rest of her friends.

     "So Cole why did you come back"? Ruby asked.

  "Anne told me about the new teacher and I decided to give it a try". Cole asked as he ate his slice of bread. That was true but there was more to it. It's like he needed billy in his life to compete him. That's the other part if the reason of why he wanted to start attending school once more. He might tease him but he still loves him for the compassion he shower that day.


  Cole was in danger one time and billy saves him.

End of flashback

    That's not the only reason he fell for him. He just got a little closer to him because of the incident and later realized he fell in love with him. Cole looked out the window and saw billy towering around a baseball. He kept on watching the boys laughing and making jokes. Billy caught his eye and they made direct eye contact. It wasnt to long before Cole looked away from him. After Billy was smirking and looking back at the window. Cole decided to draw billy in his sketchbook.

Time skip

End of school

     Cole went on his way back to his house when he bumped into Billy. *billy was walking alone at the time*. He fell and his drawings scattered everywhere.

  "S-sorry". Cole said with a quiet voice.

    After cole was picking up a few papers Billy noticed one in particular. He saw the drawing cole made of him and grabbed it right before cole was about to. Oh shigglemcfricets (oh shit) Cole thought.

   "What is this"? Billy asked while observing the drawing. Coles face was turning a bit red.

   "U-uh I can explain but can you give it back to me Billy"? Cole said nervously.

     "Why don't you come get it"? Billy said as he raised his hand in the air to where cole cant reach. Cole was jumping up and down in trying to get it. He groaned and was made small little sounds.(not moans you dirt minded people) (oh wait I'm the dirty one well back to the story).

   "C'mon billy"! Cole exclaimed sounding like a girl trying again and again once more to teach his sketch. Billy finally gave him the paper and Cole snatched it out of his hand and stuffed in his bag.

"Feisty aren't you". Billy said as be smirked.

"I'm not feisty, now goodbye". Cole said as he quickly walked onto his path. Billy didnt like the fact that he got ignored. Especially by his own crush.

"Hey wait a minute". Billy said as he grabbed his wrists.

"What" Cole said.

"Why were you drawing me". Billy said. Cole began to blush and dropped his sketchbook and ran towards his home. Luckily he only dropped his sketchbook so he can still do his homework. Billy took the sketchbook back to his house. (Btw there were so many pictures of billy drawn by Cole, there were also little love poems he wrote too). When he got home he observed every single drawing. He was excited since he found out that his crush admires him and possibly like him back too.

End of chapter 2
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