Chapter 21: Greed

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Destroyed Caravan

There I was facing down this monster fox who killed a family and was about to try and kill Honō and I. The fox lunged at me and began to bite down on my arm like a rabid animal. I tried to use my dagger to pry it off my arm but the fox used it's claws and wrapped around my arm. "Y/N I'll hit it" Honō said charging up a spell "no don't I got this" I said as I began to stab the fox in the side multiple times. I managed to hurt the fox and cause it to let go of my arm. Thankfully my battle healing kicked in but I did strangely feel a bit drained from that.

The fox licked it's wounds from dagger as all of the damage I caused healed like it was nothing. "Okay that is not a normal fox" Honō said "yeah I know we need to kill it now" I said. The fox began to snicker like a hyena at us like it knew something we didn't. I equipped my rose dagger and began to use vines to whip the fox as Honō threw fire bolts at it. We managed to injure the fox this way but like before it healed itself.

It went like this for awhile the fox would attack me then Honō and I would attack it back. With each time I felt drained I didn't know why and I couldn't explain it. With each attack I felt drained and the fox continued to get stronger. I equiped my frost dagger and I began to try and freeze the fox but it was to fast. Before I knew it the thing tried to for my throat. Thankfully I was quick enough grabbed the fox by the throat and threw it at a tree. Before it could do anything I froze it in place on the tree.

"Is it over?" Honō asked breathing heavily "I hope so" I answered looking at the frozen fox creature. Before I knew it the ice began to crack I motioned Honō behind me and I equipped my flame dagger. Soon the ice shattered completely and the fox got free. It shook itself then licked it's paws then it looked up at me and snarled at me. It lunged at me but I made a wall of fire and the fox jumped into it.

I pushed Honō to the side as the fox came out of the wall of flames on fire. It tried to crawl at us but it got slower and slower with each step before it fell the ground. I could see that it was alive but barely that for sure should of killed this fox but it was different then the others. I began to think this fox was very similar to another creature I fought. Honō walked over to fox and was about to finish it with a lightning bolt. The more I looked at the fox I began to think about something.

Then it happened this fox was like the lion which meant. I looked up and saw Honō about to finish it off. "Honō don't" I shouted but it was to late Honō killed the fox. "What is it Y/N, the thing is dead so let's burry that family" Honō said. Before Honō walked over to me the fox's body began to glow. And before we knew it there was an explosion Honō flew back towards me thankfully I caught her.

"I am the demon sin of greed and you dumb girl have just freed me from my mortal body" a voice said. "That's not good" Honō said "yeah it is" I told her. When the light died down something even more monsterous was standing there. The fox had gained a large shadow like body and had red eyes and red markings on its head. It had this sinister grin on its face as it stood up and faced us.

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