The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 20

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"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jase snarled. When did he get home from work? I shook my head, getting to my feet. I could taste the blood in my mouth from where Radleigh busted in my lip. My face throbbed painfully but I ignored it; there was a time and a place for feeling sorry for myself and this wasn't one of them. Jase looked pissed off, restraining a now still Radleigh, who was giving the floor daggers.

"Do I even want to know?" Jase asked, his voice calmer. Radleigh snorted. I glared at him. Jase looked from him to me, his eyebrows raised. The silence was broken by Annie's door creaking open. I looked at her, my heart pounding. She had changed into her pyjamas and tied her long hair back into a messy ponytail. She looked so young in the absence of her make-up and attitude; like a broken doll.

"Why am I not surprised that this has something to do with you?" Jase sighed, releasing Radleigh and putting a hand to his temple. Annie just scowled at him, pushing past us all. I wanted to run after her, tell her that everything was going to work out the way she wanted. But I couldn't. I couldn't because I wasn't sure anymore. Annie being in heat changed everything. It was different for Jase and Macca; their mates were human so heat didn't effect them. The next few days were going to be like purgatory. Gordon had told us all the horror stories; this didn't just affect Annie and me, it affected the whole house. Not only would I want to fuck Annie as much as possible, so would Ade, Eli and Zane. This was going to be a nightmare.

Then there was Dante's pack. They would sense it as well, which meant that Annie was in even more danger. Then I realised that I had just let Annie go downstairs. Where Ade and Zane were. I bolted after her, legging it down the stairs and skidding into the kitchen. Annie was sitting on the sofa, her eyes glazed over. Zane was by her side, trying to get her to talk.

"Get away from her," I whispered menacingly. Zane looked but Annie didn't even blink. Her face was completely blank. Gone were the tracks her tears had made, but her eyes were still red.

"What did you do?" Zane demanded. He hadn't smelt it yet. He hadn't realised that Annie's body was ready to have pups. I gave an inward sigh of relief and took a step towards them both. Annie's head snapped up and her eyes burned into me.

You've done this to me, she hissed.

Annie, I-

"I'm not a fucking dog!" she shouted abruptly, taking both Zane and I by surprise. "You lot can go and pee against lampposts and hump poodles to your hearts' content. But I'm not like you!" She got to her feet and came towards me, her finger ready to prod at my chest.

"I won't be like you!" she finished. We looked each other in the eyes for a few seconds before Zane cleared his throat. She turned to look at him.

"What goes on at your school?" he asked. "I'm sure there was never this much drama when I went." If had been meant for a joke, neither of us were laughing. Instead, Annie looked back to me, her face mutinous.

"You're sleeping on the couch for however long this lasts," she told me, her face completely straight. I was about to ask why I couldn't sleep in my own room, when I remembered that Zane had very kindly taken up residence there and Flint's old room was in the process of becoming a nursery for Jase and Sierra's baby. It seemed that there was no room at the Inn for the unfortunate werewolf. Though, I still couldn't see exactly what I had done wrong. I hadn't chosen to mate with her. I hadn't chosen to get involved in all of her shit. If anything, she should have been grateful that I was-

I stopped that precise thought when I saw the look on Annie's face. She really needed to stop reading my mind when I was thinking bad things. She never seemed to hear any of the good, just the bad, which made me seem like the villain in all of this.

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