I really like you too

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After leaving the bathroom we headed to gym.

Of course today when I need to take my mind off of stuff my gym teacher has a substitute.

The sub had no idea what to do so he made it a free day. The rude bitches chilled in their corner, the boys did the same and jay and I went into the locker room.

I played music and jay posted me on her snapchat dancing until she pulled me to where I was sitting on her lap facing her.

Darn my Trey Songz station !

I couldn't help but slow wind on her to the beat frankly forgetting that I wanted to take it slow.

She bit her lip holding my waist watching my body grind against hers.

I had never done this before and although I felt as if I was taking things to far I was enjoying it too much to stop.

Soon jay's lips were on my neck kiss and sucking, licking and biting. I couldn't help but let out little gasps and moans.

Kyle use to try to do those types of things but I never let him ... but with Jay it was different, the farther we took it made me want more .

I felt a warm pair of hands slowly glide their way under and up my shirt. Her hands rested on my boobs as the song changed and I didn't even notice.

She squeezed my boobs making me bite my lip then I realized what we were doing and stopped .

"Did I go to far?" She said looking all cute and concerned "I'm so sorry" she said without giving me time to reply to her question.

Bottoms up came on breaking the sexual tension and I sat beside her.
"No it's okay Jay that was my fault, you see at lunch I was thinking I thought maybe we are moving things to fast and...."
"Wow" she said cutting me off and a stream of guilt came rushing in as I assume she would get upset and say I was leading her on but she smiled.

"I was thinking the same thing , I like you so much I would hate to fuck it up by moving things too fast, that is just too much of a familiar road for me"

She held my hand.

"You are a really amazing person to me and I Truly want to get to know you with moving to fast, I would love it if you could still be mine but we could do as the old people say and take it slow."

We both chuckled at that last part and I smiled.

"That sounds great" I said as we heard the doors open.

"The sub says y'all need to come out cause he needs to know where everybody is" Kiara said
I knew she was the one that told the sub we were in there but we left anyway.

"Her snitching ass" I heard jay mumble and I smiled because we always have similar thoughts.

Trying to avoid conflict jay and I sat closer to the boys which quickly turned into a bad idea.

One of Kyle's friends , Richard, started it . " I don't know why girls try to be niggas now, like that shit doesn't work, you still have a damn pussy!" He exclaimed loud enough for me and Jay to hear.
I instantly knew this was going to end bad because I learned quickly that jay doesn't run from a challenge.

"Bae I don't understand why niggas are so mad that girls are becoming studs like I know a lot of studs look better than a lot of guys will ever look and that some studs are better in bed then people born with dicks and fine ass girls go after studs but still no Need to hate like that " she said just as loud as he did.

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