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A/N: special thanks to one of my friends for the idea & beginning of the oneshot.

- - - - -

It was a rainy evening in the streets of Japan. The pavement was covered with small pools of water as the clouds were painted in gray. A lovely day for most people, but not for Yashiro.

She loved the rain, since she read lots of stories about two lovers walking in the rain she found the scene quite romantic, but she disliked it when she forgot her umbrella. Nene loved the way the rain sets up the perfect atmosphere, just the type that would make you sit at the window ledge and stare outside the window with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands.

But today, it wasn't a good day for rain.

A sigh escaped her lips, ready to sacrifice her math book to not get as wet in the rain. She considered calling Aoi but her phone was dead since she also forgot to charge it at night.

Searching for her book in her backpack she noticed the rain stopping, confused she looked next to her and saw Amane holding a blue umbrella above her head.

"Amane-kun? Why are you out of school so late?"
"Tsuchigomori-sensei wanted to talk to me, so I got out late." He laughed lightly and smiled.

"Looks like you forgot your umbrella~" Amane teased the blushing radish.

"Y-Yeah, I guess I was too sleepy this morning." she laughed awkwardly.

Stuck with your crush in the rain, even though Yashiro found herself sometimes in denial, right now she was head over heels for Yugi. Even though her type would normally be a princely boy like Minamoto, Amane had his own charm.

"Do you want me to walk you home?" Her eyes widened, isn't his house the opposite way from hers? Walking with her would only make him get back even later to his.

"N-No! It's okay, I can walk on my own." Amane understood and started walking away.

'I don't want him to leave yet- I mean, I don't have an umbrella! I don't want to wet my book.'

Nene thought before she stopped him, "W-Wait! On second thought..."
Amane turned around and smiled "Sure, let's walk together."

- - - - -

373 words, edited.

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