Chapter 43: Warm

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⚠️: okay, sexy time( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), come sin with me or not..

Katsuki crawled his way to me between my thighs and I indistinctly wrapped my legs around his hips.
My chest began pumping as I become antsy, I never thought that I'm capable of doing such intimate things with someone nor having my body react so sensitively.

His mouth went straight for my neck as his hand slip under my shirt making its way to my breast.
"Katsuki not my neck...." I said breathily and he unlatched his mouth away and went for my shoulder instead.
I managed to hung onto my control and warned him, "make sure it's no where visible..."
"I know that" he warbled with his mouth not ceasing from sucking on my skin.

Hearing his words of reassurance I let my mind float and I embrace him giving off the feeling of allowing him to take dominance.

"Last time I asked you when to stop, but this time unless you don't mean it....I'm not fucking stopping" Katsuki whispered as he breath heavily against my chest.

"Got that..." he asked almost animalistically peering at me with his crimson eyes dilated.
"Yes.." I said as if I was being hallucinated with his gaze.
He forge a satisfied smirk before getting back on his business and every whimper and meeks I let out he grows harder.

With that said, he began undulating his hips against me and my breathing accelerated.
Katsuki's composure is slowly slipping off as he bite on the crook of my neck, while forcing his hips down further against me.
Both of us had grown desperate, grinding into each other as I grip on his hips tighter.

"Ah~" a high pitched moan that I never expected to be able to make just escaped my mouth.
At this point Katsuki already knew that my self control has flown out the window.

"Fuck... that was sexy" Katsuki purred in my ears and I could see his desire to hear it again as his smirk grew in size.

He grabbed the button of my shirt and pulled it over my head. But this time my bra was just getting on his way, so he snaked a hand behind me, taking the bra clasp between his finger and unclipping it.

Katsuki is the only man I'm comfortable enough to show my naked body.

So, I pull the straps as he watch me take it off, completely mesmerized of what is shown right in front of his eyes.
He study the curve of my body before massaging my breasts.
As soon as he's satisfied,  he trail his mouth below my chest planting kisses and dragging his tongue as he go down.
When he reached my abdomen he slowly pull down my shorts in a seductive manner.
I've initially planned to sleep with that, but he look so sexy between my legs.

"I'm 'bout to send you to kingdom come.." he suck a breath through his teeth before planting his last kiss on top of my panties that send me throbbing.

He take his finger, slowly slipping out my underwear and taking it off my ankles before throwing it down.

"Katsuki, don't look too much.." I mumbled my face flushed. But instead he moved back a little taking one better look of my naked body and once again his eyes were beastly hungry.

"Why it's fucking pretty.." his eyes travel up and down taking its time to look at my slit.

With my mind all over the place I didn't know what to respond to that, all I know is that he's going to ravish me.

He grabbed my thighs and pulled me to the end of the bed as he kneel down on the floor giving him the best position to do his work.

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