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Terrell Davis

"Remember this is for charity

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"Remember this is for charity. Each team will play clean and fair. Captains will pick head or tails for the chance to go first." The ref explained before turning to me.

"Tails." He flipped the quarter and it landed on heads. I stepped back with a smile on my face. "All on you playboy."

Today was the annual flag football tournament for autism awareness. My team played for Bryson's school. The opposite team played for a research foundation. The profit would be split down the middle for each charity.

"Let's play."

The first round flew by quickly and my team was winning by 7 points. I could tell the captain of the opposite team was getting agitated. I didn't know what for because like I said before it's for charity and fun.

"10 minute break!" The referee yelled out. I caught sight of Sacchi with her family and friends hosting at the concession stands.

"You one boujee bitch. Who comes to a football field in heels?" I heard Dahli questioned Sacchi as I walked up behind her.

She laughed. "Heels only go with this outfit."

"That you do." I kissed her neck wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Eww, you're all sweaty."

"What's up, Bryson." He threw me a small smile and waved quickly. I turned to Sacchi's dad. "How are you doing, Roman?

"I'm doing good. I appreciate this."

"You know it's all love."

"You're doing good out there. Are you okay? Here, drink this." Sacchi handed me a cold bottle of water. I gulped the water down quickly before turning back to her.

"I need a kiss for good luck."

"Oh really?" She leaned over connecting her lips with mine. They parted allowing my access inside. I slipped my tongue in, causing her to suck on it.

"Ugh, cut it out." I heard Ilah say which made us pull apart.

"Teams let's go!"

"Thank you for doing this. I love you." She pecked my lips several times.

"I love you too."

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