chapter 4

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By around 3pm Paul and I had packed all of his things up in room 14 and had given his last payment to the manager. We packed it all into the back of the car because there wasn't much, three suitcases and a toiletry bag. "Did you still want to take me to your mum today?" I asked as we got into the car. "Really? You weren't just saying that to make me happy?" Paul asked turning his whole torso towards me with a huge smile on his face. "Yes I meant it Paul." I said taking his hand and squeezing it. "I love you Flex." Paul said kissing my forehead before we both put on our seatbelts and Paul drove away from the hotel. "I love you too Paul." I said sitting back in my seat still holding his hand while we drove to his mother's resting place. Twenty minutes later we pulled off the high way and onto a dirt road and after following that for another twenty minutes we pulled up alongside a wooden lake house, and a beautiful one. "Is this where you used to live?" I asked wide eyed as I stepped out the car. "Kind of. When Dad was being distant or whatever, Mum and I would always come up here to get away from him, sometimes we would be here for weeks at a time. Mum said that this was the only place she could think and the only place where she could really relax." Paul said as he walked around to me and took my hand. Paul started to lead me towards the side of the house when an elderly lady stepped out of the house and gasped. "Paul? Is that you down there young man?" She asked with a huge smile on her face fixing her glasses to see him. Her smile reminded me of Paul's and after a quick look over of her I realised that she must be his grandma. "Yes grandma June, it's me." Paul smiled and pulled me up the stairs behind him. "Oh, come and give grandma a hug." She said pulling Paul into a tight embrace. She looked so happy to see him and I had the feeling that he hasn't been to see her in a long time. "My you've grown so big and handsome, you don't look like my little Paul anymore, and look at those big arms of yours I hope you're not using steroids young man." She said pointing a finger at his chest and looking up to him, for she only stood below his shoulders. "It's nice to see you too grandma and you know me, I would never use steroids." Paul said kissing her cheek. "Good and oh my, who is this beautiful young woman hiding behind you?" She asked pushing Paul out the way to get to me. "My name's Flexa Harley, nice to meet you." I said extending my hand for her to shake. "Put that hand away girl, if you're young Paul's girlfriend then I only hug." She said smiling. "And by the way, my name is June Foster, Paul's grandma." She said as she pulled me into a tight hug. "I can tell you taught Paul how to hug." I said to her as she pulled away. "Thank you dear, now why are up here Paul?" She asked turning to look up at Paul. "I want Mum to meet Flexa, I know it sounds weird but I feel like she can hear us." Paul said looking at his grandma with love and care. "Well, off you go then and don't forget to come and say goodbye when you're done. Now I have an excuse to bake." She said before walking back inside, closing the door behind her. "I love your grandma." I said as Paul took my hand again and we walked around the side of the house. "By the looks of it she loves you too." He said as we walked down the backyard to a gate. "We have a five minute walk to where Mum is buried, only because she wanted a view." Paul said smiling and shaking his head as we started to walk along a dirt path hand-in-hand. After the five minute walk we ended up at the top of a little hill that looked out of the hidden lake and you could see the town in the distance a little. "It's so beautiful up here." I whispered. "Yes, you are." I turned to look at Paul and found him staring at me, not in a weird and creepy way though. "So where's your Mum?" I asked looking away from his gaze blushing. Paul, still holding my hand, turned around and pointed to a headstone and a picnic seat that I didn't see before. We walked over to the headstone and I got down on my knees in front of it and read the headstone: Here lies the best woman in the world, Hillary Foster, mother of three loving children, wife of a loving husband and daughter of the most proud parents to ever live. Greatly missed by family and friends she will be love by all for eternity. "That's so beautiful Paul." I said standing up again beside Paul. "My brother and sister helped me and when Dad saw that we didn't put anything in there to do with him he changed it just before it was set in stone so to say. We originally didn't have the loving husband line in there because he was always going around cheating on Mum with other women half his age and it was completely disgusting." Paul said closing his eyes. I took both of his hands in mine and held them to the centre of my chest. "You don't have to tell me this if the memories hurt okay, but always know I'm here for you." I said kissing his hands but leaving them resting on me. "Thank you Flexa." Paul said leaning his forehead against mine. "So where are your brother and sister at now?" I asked as I pulled Paul over to the seat and sat down next to each other. "Behind us." Paul whispered. I turned around but didn't see anyone. "There's nobody there Paul?" I said still looking into the trees behind us, maybe they just left. Paul turned around now too but there was still no sign of anyone there. "I just saw them walking towards us though?" Paul said scratching the back of his head. We both turned back around ready to just look at the sun set over the lake but a young girl and boy jumped out from a bush to the left. They really scared me, I mean with the whole shadow guy/girl thing happening at the moment I'm just a little jumpy, so I screamed. "Oh my god! We are so sorry, we weren't meant to scare you. I'm so sorry." The girl said running towards me with a worried and shock look that was mirror by the boy version of her, or she was the girl version of him, I can defiantly say they are twins. They are also very much related to my Paul, they all had the same dirty blonde hair, the same face structures and I bet anything they have the same personality and same laugh. "It's okay. I don't know what scared me more, you two jumping out from behind the bush or how much you all look alike." I said laughing. "Hey there Paul, grandma said you were up here and since we haven't seen you in forever we wanted to say hi, but then we saw you had a friend with you." The boy said walking towards us. I moved closer to Paul and the girl and boy took a seat on either side of Paul and I. "I'm Flexa." I said looking at the girl who had sat down beside me. "Yeah, sorry my names Alexa and that's my twin brother Bray." Alexa said shaking her head and smiling at me. "So how old are you guys?" I asked looking between the both of the twins. "15." They both said at the same time. "That's cool. Do you live in the lake house with your grandma?" I asked curiously. "Yeah, when Mum died and Dad turned his back to us grandma took us in." Bray said. I just nodded and decided to look at the surroundings, they seemed oddly familiar but I have never been here before and I was getting a bad vibe at the moment. "This place seems familiar." I said mainly to myself as I stood up and looked around. "Have you been here before?" Alexa asked. I shook my head but kept looking around taking in my surroundings. After a few minutes I found something that made me remember where I had seen this place before, there was a little clearing behind the bench that Paul, Alexa and Bray were sitting on. I walked around them and walked slowly towards the clearing and when I stepped out from under the trees I gasped. I walked back towards Paul but never took my eyes off the picnic table that sat in the middle of the clearing, the one from my painting. "P-paul." I stuttered as I felt the back of the bench against my back. "What is it Flex?" Paul asked standing in front of me and taking my face in his hands. "I remember where I've seen this place before. That clearing there, it's the one from my painting, the last painting." I whispered. "What's going on guys?" Bray asked looking between me and the clearing. "We will explain everything soon okay guys, but first could you head back to the house and lock all the doors and windows. Take grandma into the safe room and wait until I come and get you." Paul asked looking away from me and over to the twins who were now standing on either side of me. "No, tell us what is going on." Alexa nearly yelled. I flinched when her words got to me, she sounded so evil at that moment. I still hadn't taken my eyes away from the clearing but there was nothing happening there so I looked over to Alexa's face, she was going bright reed in anger. "Alexa, please sweetie, this is something bad and I don't want any of you to get hurt, please, I will explain everything when we see you back at the house." I whispered again, I could feel the tears begging for an escape. "Alexa, Bray, please." I whispered. I looked back to the clearing and there it was, the dark shadow person, I stiffened and grabbed onto Paul's arms. "Flexa?" They all said looking at me but I couldn't take my eyes off the figure standing there looking at us. "It's too late now, it's here." I said angrily, I was pissed off now, if it hurt anyone I would kill it myself. "Why?" Paul asked. I stepped out of his grip and started to walk towards the clearing. "Flexa, wait for me. Guys you need to leave now." Paul said from behind me. I kept walking towards the clearing, my eyes never leaving the figure, never will it hurt anyone. "Who are you? What do you want?" I asked as I stepped out from the tree's and stopped roughly three meters from it. I could still hear Paul talking to Alexa and Bray but as long as they stayed over there everything would be okay. It took a step towards me but I kept my ground. It was defiantly female, she wore black converse, black skinny jeans and a black hoddie with the hood up shadowing her face so you couldn't see her face. She pointed a finger at me and then ran it across her throat as she slightly tilted her head back. I looked closely at her face as she tilted her head and I thought I saw a set of eyes and a nose that no one could ever mistake as someone else. Kath. "Is that you Kath? Please tell me it's not you." I asked. She took another step towards me, the gap between us not even a meter now, and I could make it out to be Kath. "Why Kath?" I asked felling the betrayal of a friend. "You aren't meant to be with him. The prince of darkness, Liam Shadow, is your true love and I have come here to gain your trust and bring you to him." Kath said. You know how is movies the evil people have that dark, I'm-evil-and-have-no-emotions voice, well that is how Kath was talking and it was scaring me, but I wouldn't let her know that. "You lost my trust when you hurt Rex by poisoning him and there is no way that I am going anywhere with you, you are a selfish cow." I said pointing at her. "Take that back, don't disrespect me." Kath said harshly. "No, you have no-" Kath cut me off by slapping my cheek and then scratching me. "Bitch, I am second class royalty and you shall respect me." Kath growled fiercely. Before I could react to that she jumped at me and started to scratch and claw at me with her long and sharp finger nails.  We fell to the ground, Kath still on top of me clawing at me. "Flexa!" I heard Paul call my name out. "Stay back Paul, or I will kill her." Kath said briefly looking up to Paul. "Katherine Shadow Field, you will release her now!" A male voice boomed from behind Kath and she quickly jumped up and faced the man dressed in white. She was in a position to jump at him and attack when two more men dressed in white appeared at his side. "Michael, you never were one to face a woman on his own." Kath said to the one in the middle. Michael laughed along with the other two before pointing a finger at Kath and saying "You are no woman, you are a child in over her head. If you think that you can attack and kidnap Flexa then you are wrong and will have to think again." Paul slowly made his way over to me and helped me to my feet. The man on the left of Michael closed his eyes and placed a finger on his left temple and started to massage it, like he was getting a headache. But in a blink of an eye Kath fell to her knees in front of them screaming in pain. "Now, because of the pain you have caused and all the time we have wasted on you and this journey, the council has agreed on a punishment. You shall join the rest of your family in the pits of hell." Michael said taking a packet of matches from his pocket and lighting one. "You have done too much damage in this life, if you ever find away to return, be sure to make the best of your life and don't do wrong, we will find and punish you again if need be." Michael said before throwing the match at Kath. She instantly caught on fire creating the last of my paintings coming true, Kath burning at our feet, the men dressed in white all laughing as we watch her burn and Paul holding an injured me. As Kath burnt I didn't take my eyes off her, but when the laughter stopped and Kath was only a pile of ash that soon vanished in the wind, I looked up to the three men. "Okay, who the hell are you?" I asked looking at them all. I took in all their features, Michael was a well built man with scary bad ass looking features and blue eyes, the other two looked the same as Michael but the one on the left had black eyes and the one on the right had bright red eyes. "Well Flexa dear, we are the protectors. We try our hardest to protect the most powerful and most valuable of humans on earth, and you my dear, are a very valuable human to us and we do not wish you to join us in the afterlife until much later on. We are sorry that we did not come and protect you sooner than now, we will be on a much higher security now. My name is Michael, my left is Nathanial and my right is Konrad. We are pleased you are fine now and since we sense there is no more threat here we will take our leave." Michael said. "Thank you, even though I don't know if I should trust you, I want to say thanks." I said smiling weakly at them all, smiling through the pain. "Wait, she's pained, may I Michael before we leave, help her?" The man on the right, Konrad, said pleadingly at Michael. Michael looked at me and I saw hurt cross his face before he nodded and Konrad approached me. "My name is Konrad, I will not harm you, I only wish to heal your wounds." He said kneeling in front of me and touching both of my legs with his hands and closing his eyes. I felt a sudden jolt of pain once Konrad's eyes closed but as soon as there was pain it was gone, and so were my scratches. "There, you may feel pain where the scratches were but no one will be able to see them and question you." Konrad said standing up and looking me in the eye before bowing and heading back to Michaels side. "Now we leave." Michael said before they started to walk away from us and slowly faded until they couldn't be seen anymore. "That was so weird." I said turning to look at Paul. "You can say that again." Paul said while a smile played at the ends of his lips. "Paul? Flexa?" I heard a whispered from behind us and thats when I remembered that Alexa and Bray were here with us. "Oh my god, are you guys okay?" I asked running to them since they were still standing at the bench. "Are you serious? You are asking us if we're okay? Flexa, you do realise that you just got attacked and saw someone burn right in front of you right?" Alexa asked as I pulled her into a hug. "I'm fine but did you guys hear or see anything else?" I asked as I hugged Alexa tighter. "We heard everything and you guys need to start explaining now." Bray said. I let go of Alexa and walked to Bray and stopped when I was in front of him. I looked him in the eyes for a second and then the saddest thing happened, he broke down in tears. "Bray." I said as I pulled him into a hug and held him close. Paul was holding onto Alexa and they were both looking at Bray with wide and sad eyes, the looks on their faces showed that they had never seen him cry before. "What is it Bray?" I asked as I ran my hands through his hair. "I just feel as though I'm always out of the loop on everything and that no one wants me to tell me anything or trust me. I hate life so much, I hate everything." Bray said as he tucked his head under me chin. "Bray, you shouldn't think like that. I only found out about this and all I know last night, and Paul hasn't know much before that either. I know we only just met but I never want to hear those words from your mouth again okay, you just need to give it time and something great will happen to you." I said squeezing him tighter at the end. "Thank you Flexa."Bray whispered. We all sat back down on the bench and Paul and I told them everything the we knew, from how Paul got the feelings and I painted them to how Kath was sent here by Liam Shadow to take me to him, we told them everything. "Okay, weird." Bray said once we finished. "Yeah, but now why don't we get back to your place before the sun goes all the way down and we're left to walk back in the dark." I suggested standing up and stretching. "Yes please, I'm starving." Alexa said standing up and looping an arm through my left. "I agree." Bray said standing up and latching onto my other arm. Paul stood up and looked sad. "What's wrong?" I asked hoping that he was okay. "I don't get to hold you." He said looking at his brother and sister on my arms. "Paul, you can hold me all night if you want." I said winking at him. "Now that I can live with." Paul said laughing. "You guys, I want to eat something before I throw nothing up at how disgusting that is." Bray said pretending to throw up. "You're just jealous Bray." Alexa said. "Okay, enough, let's just get back to the house before a war starts." I said pulling Alexa and Bray along with me. We made it to the house just as the sun hit the horizon and when we walked up the stairs we all screamed. Sitting on a porch swing glaring at us as we walked up the stairs was a very mean looking Grandma June. "Where have you been?" She asked standing up and walking over to us. "We were so caught up in talking and gossiping that we didn't realise how late it was getting and it was completely my fault, I apologise."  I said. "That's okay then dear. Come on, dinner is ready for you now that you are here." She lead us in through the house and into a large dining area. "This house is amazing. There were many portraits of the whole family, some with their Dad, but most without. The detail in the portrait was very low, not as detailed as mine, maybe they would let me paint them one day. "Please sit." June said as she took one of the two seats and the head of the table. Alexa and Bray sat beside each other which let two more seats, for Paul and I. "This looks lovely June." I said as I sat down and took in the smell of the stuffed chicken and roasted vegetables plated in front of us all. "Thank you dear. Now, dig in." She said and we all started to place the food onto our plates and eat. After we ate in silence I helped June take the plates to the kitchen and helped her wash and dry after much discussion. "Thank you again for the wonderful help dear." June said as she place the last of the plates away in the cupboard. "It was my pleasure." I said. She lead me back through the empty dining room and into a lounge room where Paul, Alexa and Bray all were. "I think you could all learn something from Flexa." June said as she sat down in a rocking chair. I sat down next to Paul as he said "I leant to love." Paul took my hand in his as we watched TV. "Okay you two, bed time." June said looking at the twins. Alexa got up first and ran to me, tackling me into a hug on the seat. "Thank you Flexa, please say you'll visit again?" Alexa asked as she pulled out of the hug. "I will." I said kissing her cheek before she left the room and went up stairs to her room. Bray got up and walked over to me and lightly hugged me. "Thank you for telling me everything and not keeping me out of the loop." Bray whispered as he hugged me. "Anytime Bray and you can call me anytime just to talk if you want, I will leave my mobile number with your grandma." I said kissing his cheek too before he headed up after Alexa. "I think we should he back to your place now Flexa, we haven't spoken or seen your parents since the hospital, they will probably be wondering where we are." Paul said standing up and holding his hand out to help me up. "The hospital?" June said standing up. "Not for us, our friend that works for us was poisoned this morning. Thank you again for a wonderful meal." I said hugging her lightly and kissing her cheek. "It was nice having you over dear,  do hope you come back and visit." Paul and I left after that and I left my number with June before we walked out the door. Paul drove to the hospital and when we got there I couldn't see Mum and Dad's car anymore but it was dark and Dad could have parked it in the parking lot on the other side of the hospital. "I'm going to call Mum and see it they are still here." I said to Paul as I pulled my mobile out my pocket. I dialled Mum's mobile and on the second ring she answered. "Flexa? Where are you?" "I'm fine Mum, I was at Paul's grandmother's place for dinner. Are you still at the hospital?" I asked as Paul and I walked to the front entrance. "Yes we are, Rex is doing so much better now, but the doctor has to keep him in over night because he has been having hallucinations." Mum said, I could hear Dad, Rex and Jodie talking in the background. "Well Paul and I are just walking into the front we will see you soon." I said and ended the call. "Rex is doing better but he's hallucinating now." I told Paul as we got into an elevator and headed up to Rex's room. When we walked into Rex's room we were greeted by wild laughter that could only be one person, Rex, trust him to be laughing when he's in hospital. we stayed at the hospital until visiting hours ended and after Dad arguing Jodie was allowed to stay at Rex's side for the night. The ride home was silent, but a nice silence, and when we got home we all went straight to bed being to worn out today. "Goodnight Paul." I said as I snuggled into him. "Goodnight Flexa." Paul said kissing my forehead and hugging me. I again fell asleep with a perfect dream of Paul and I, kids, grandkids and babies everywhere, making me smile so bright, what more could I ask for?

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