The new aussie egg pt.1 *Cancelled*

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A/N : As the title of this chapter says (canceled) is probably because I just realised Adopt me now do not allow players to name their egg but I'm not going to delete this chapter so you can just read this if you like. 😊

Tired of always getting common pets from the aussie egg?
Well, this chapter is going to tell you how to often get pets that rank higher than common from the aussie egg.

First, save up and buy an aussie egg.

Second, think of 2 animals that come from an aussie egg that you wish to have.

Third, name your new egg one out of the 2 animals that you thought of.

Fourth, do the jobs that the eggs wants you to do. After one job is done, change the egg's name to the other animal. Continue this sequence. (or whatever you call it)

Finally, when you open the egg, the pet should be a higher rank than common.

Hopefully this works :)

Disclaimer :
This may not work everytime as I had said in the first paragraph, it often works.

See you in the next chapter/update!

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