The new pet shop!

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Update : Now you can try this but to fully get into the vault, you must have the key (sadly you can't get it anymore, but you can ask one of your friends to give/borrow his/her's)

Update 2.0 : You can no longer get into the vault even with the key, although I have no idea why.

Have you ever wondered what's inside the vault?
Well, wonder no more. This chapter is about how get into the mysterious vault.

First, go to the pet shop and take out your grappling hook. (Which ever also can) If you dont have a grappling hook, very sorry but this chapter is not for you.

Second, use the grappling hook and try aiming inside the holes of the gate of the vault. It takes a few tries but dont give up, try again.

Third, after getting inside the 'vault', take out your grappling hook again and aim anywhere inside the 'vault'. It took me around 10 minutes but I managed to glitch out the pet shop. I advise you to aim up so when you manage to glitch out, you won't fall.

Finally, after glitching out, take out anything that can fly yourself (fly pet or toy) and fly around the pet shop.

Hopefully this works :)

Ps. If you have not tried this yet do not read this (👇) It contains some spoilers so come back when you tried the glitch.

Disclaimer :
There is no way to go into the real vault unless the creator finally opens it, sorry to break in to you. And if you haven't noticed, I'm very bad at telling people bad news, sorry.

See you in the next chapter/update!

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