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I'm having a fucking mental breakdown.

I was just telling one of my friends about when it happened before. Then I had my friends with me. Now, remembering it, I just feel so much worse.

I need someone here. Someone here next to me telling me it's gonna be alright.

I want to go back to camp. That's where it all happened before. Yeah, I felt shitty. But it passed. It went away. Because people were there, telling me it's ok. Tarah, Maya, Zoe, Geri, Michelle, Brooke, Maddie. Everyone at camp.

Now all I have is my iPod and my teddy bear. I just feel so damn lonely.

Sorry I just needed to rant. None of my friends can ever hang out with me so im alone most of the time. And im with my dad. This is not fucking helping.


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